Reason of Imparting Yoga & Physical Education In Curriculum

These days students are ignoring their health in order to accomplish their academic tasks and for this they are paying heavy toll on mental and physical level that is why school managements are also adapting so many innovative tools like fees management system and admission management system so that these tools can take care of such important departments and school management can focus on making teaching-learning better Yoga creates that lifestyle which brings every single step of a day of a person in a line and hierarchy and due to which a stable and progressive life style runs in a student’s life. These days teachers are performing online teaching during which students have to sit straight on a chair in front of a camera and spend 5-6 hours. Many students don’t sit properly and in the right posture especially when teachers have to teach online and students have to learn online too. Yoga practice brings the posture of the students and kids’ in a line and makes them sit straight in a disciplined manner so that their spine could not be harmed. Students and children who have to study online teaching from home don’t have to go anywhere and parents also in order to please, order street food on demand which is very harmful for their bodies. Kids when practicing pranayama and asanas of yoga their body becomes flexible and extra calories and cholesterol gets burned. Hence yoga provides proper flexibility to the body due to which a student or an adult can live his or her daily life very comfortably without complaining of any inability due to heavy weight. Yoga helps activate those parts of the body which don’t have proper strength to work. Due to daily practice of yoga blood flows to each and every part of the body where usually blood doesn’t go due to wrong lifestyle. For example, people who suffer paralysis are advised by their physiotherapist to go through some yoga asanas and pranayama to reactivate their paralysed body parts.

Today, seeing the importance of Physical Education, even the government has also made this subject an essential part of education and without passing it students cannot pass the year. In many researches it was found that Physical Education boosts up concentration level in students. It helps the students on many fronts just like tools of modern education as the fees management system and admission management system help the school management on many fronts. Physical Education also improves social manners and etiquettes in students. Benefits of Physical Education in the terms of development can be classified in to 4 sections:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental

Socially it develops the etiquettes in the students and also improves interaction level. Physically this education aware students about muscular growth and fitness. Learning such education with a team spirit gives a sense of emotional attachment and also to go along with truthfulness and dedication. Mentally a student gets a lot of benefits due to physical education such as improvement in decision making ability, memory power, capability of problem solving and concentration level.

Physical education also reduces stress in students. As today in this cut throat competition to come first in class students ignore their healthy food routine and health routine and also come under excessive mental pressure which sometimes give them extreme levels of tension and stress. The activities related to physical education make students get rid of anxiety and stress. Apart from those who don’t like playing. When under such activities students play and enjoy with their peer group their mind relaxes and it soothes their mental status too. Playing a game with full focus makes students apply focus on their studies as they become habitual of seeing good results of paying full focus on the goals.

In physical education all possible ways are taught to the students to stay healthy physically and mentally. Also, students are given a proper diet chart because a proper diet full of nutrition is necessary a lot for proper physical growth and sound mind. Students are taught to eat green vegetables, food full of minerals and nutrients such as milk, egg, fish, pulses and various kinds of fruits which complete a healthy diet for a growing body of a child. When students become lazy, they can get into wrong habits like drugs, all time videogames of all time sleeping only whereas on the other hand if the student is in constant practice of physical activities, he/she will build a strong bond with his health, good communication with social network due to team spirit he or she meets in sports in daily routine and also a charming personality due to fitness.

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