Reasons to use the name generator

Create your naming in a few minutes in Turbologo. If you have ever faced the task of developing a naming for a brand or company and tried to Google this question, you probably came across various online name generators. Let’s figure out how they work and why these services are needed? The logic is very simple. Studying the needs of their customers, they realized that it is difficult for people to find or come up with names for their future online store or company, since many are practically busy.

What are the steps involved in generating a business name? 

  • Search. Enter keywords based on the basic concept of your company into the search engine of the business name generator.
  • Choice. In a few seconds, look through the hundreds of offers that the company name generator gives out to find the name that best suits your business.
  • Launch. Buy your new name and launch it! And now you are one step closer to starting your own business.

Many online brand name generators are very easy to use. With the help of a good company name generator, you can come up with a suitable naming for your brand in just a few seconds. If playing with words is not your strong suit, use online name generators that will greatly facilitate creative search. We present to your attention 5 online services for selecting a brand name:

  1. Turbologo. To create a creative and solid naming, contact the Turbologo designer, who will generate a unique name for your company. No design skills are required to use the site. The platform is fully adapted for ordinary users. More than a hundred thousand users around the world have recognized Turbologo as an understandable and accessible service.
  2. Panabee. Multifunctional service-a collection of thematic online generators: company names, social network account, search for the original domain name in a number of regions. Moreover, domain-name can be checked for availability, and if the name is busy, choose a similar one.
  3. Names4Brands. The criteria suggested on the website will help you get a name that may suit your company. Before starting the generation, information is requested about the number of words in the final word, as well as preferences about the first letter. Plus, the site will check the domain name for uniqueness.
  4. Namegenerator. A great option for generating a random organization name. To get started with the service, you just need to specify the field of activity. If necessary, you can select the region, as well as the level of solidity of the final version.
  5. Logaster. Allows you to choose a name for 25 business categories. Does not support Cyrillic.

The main goal of the brand name is to attract customers and sell the goods and services sold. It should indicate the main advantages of the organization, its essence and originality. It is extremely important to establish communication with the client, because only then you can count on creating a permanent customer base. 

Advantages of Online name generators 

The services that come up with the name of the company online have a number of advantages:

  • it is profitable — most sites provide a free basic package of services;
  • it does not take much time — just open a page on the Internet, enter a few keywords and click the “Generate” button;
  • available — if you are not satisfied with the result on one online generator, welcome to dozens of other sites.


Naming is a complex but necessary marketing direction. It should not be ignored in any case. The first contact with the brand occurs precisely through its name or name. When developing a brand name, you need to choose one that will “serve” the company for many years. The main task of naming is to convey the essence of your brand to the consumer with a short and sonorous name, and to stand out among competitors. The main thing when choosing a name is to remember that it should be clear and memorable.

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