Simple Hacks To Eliminate The Stains On Your Wall

Simple Hacks To Eliminate The Stains On Your Wall

A pesky stain on the beautiful wall is a nightmare for sure. Well, no one can bear the sight of an ugly patch on the neatly painted wall. If there are kids at home, then obviously they will try to improve their drawing skills on the walls. Do not worry, there are umpteen techniques to get rid of the adamant wall stains. Yes, you definitely can get away with the patches without exactly ruining the wall. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents that can make the stain more menacing. Simply follow the quick tips below and remove the stains like a pro.

How To Treat Grease Stains?

It is not that hard to get rid of the grease and grime stains on the wall. Just a little bit of dishwashing liquid can do wonders. Dish soap, being mild in nature, can be used on the walls. Take a spray bottle and fill it up with a generous amount of warm water. Add a few drops of a good-quality dishwashing liquid to it. Mix well before spraying the solution on the affected spot. Make use of a sponge and perform a patch test before trying out the hack.

If the stain is more arrogant than expected, you can remove it with the help of baking soda paste. Take some baking soda in a bowl and add a little warm water to it. Mix until a paste is formed and apply it to the patch. Make sure to not scrub the stain harshly. This may push the patch deep inside, making the cleanup more challenging in this case you should seek assistance from experts. Moisten a microfibre cloth and wipe the paste off. The grumpy greasy stains will obviously disappear if done the right way.

How To Get Away With Stubborn Pencil Marks?

Kids love to scribble on the wall. You may not always be able to stop them.  Do not be in despair, pencil marks can be easily taken off the wall. Try to get a clean eraser and rub the marks. You can also use an art gum eraser if needed. Never rub the entire wall as there are high chances for the paint to go off if erased vigorously. If both of them do not work as expected, go for a cleaning eraser sponge. This is one such eraser that is specially designed to remove pencil marks from the wall. Otherwise, take a damp cloth and dip its end into a bowl filled with baking soda. Gently dab the mark to see it vanish in a jiffy.

How To Cleanup Coffee Stains?

Make a simple DIY mixture to eliminate the stubborn coffee stains. Take a quarter cup of warm water and add a few drops of dish soap to it. Also, add a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar to the solution. Shake well and use a mild brush to coat the stain with the solution. Gently scrub the patch and wipe the area with a damp paper towel. The resistant coffee spill will disappear and you will get back the gloss on the wall.

Try To Get Some Professional Assistance

Struggling a lot to erase the patch on your wall? Get in touch with professional house cleaners from Metla House Cleaning and seek assistance before the stain becomes intense. Choose the most reliable and budget-friendly experts after studying their websites thoroughly.

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