Star War Lightsabre Types & Features

In the magical land of villains and heroes where groups of freedom fighters fight against Darth Vader to free the galaxy from the Galactic Empire. The lightsaber was the weapon of choice for Jedi, that could cut through both blast doors and enemies. Ever since the movie, the lightsaber has become every child and adult alike, a favorite weapon to fight against all evils.

What Is a Lightsaber?

A lightsaber is also known as a laser sword to those that are unfamiliar with the movie. It is a weapon that was used both as offense and defense by different characters. The lightsaber consists of a plasma blade, that is powered by a kyber crystal. Today, a real-life depiction of these lightsabers is available on the net, so today everyone can channel their inner Jedi. These lightsabers come with various features that make the experience of handling a lightsaber as real as possible.

Types and Features of Lightsabers Available in Stores

Lightsabers vary based on their uses and their special properties. Each saber has unique properties that make it powerful. There are about 14 different types of lightsabers that have been introduced in Star Wars. Some of these lightsabers have been explained below.

  1. Purple lightsaber

Purple-bladed lightsabers are quite rare, and they represent a balance between the light and dark sides of forces. It was famously wielded by Mace Windu, one of the most famous Jedi masters to ever exist in Star Wars. He achieved great feats on the battlefield with his trustworthy lightsaber.
Features: A real-life purple lightsaber is made using Airplane grade aluminum hilt, with a 50-watt Neo Pixel LED strip blade. It also includes a motion sensor smooth swing sound and a lightning-fast charger to accompany it. Moreover, it also emits a flash whenever it is hit against a hard surface and includes an advanced proffie 2.2 board with premium sound quality to provide a realistic experience as possible.  

  • Double-bladed saber

The double-bladed lightsaber consisted of two single blades that were attached at the hinge of the lightsaber. It was notably wielded by the temple guard and Pong Krell. This lightsaber was used by many on the battlefield, it was also used by Jaro Tapal during the clone wars.

Features: The DR neopixel lightsaber is a great representation of the f Darth Raven lightsaber. It has a longer hilt that makes it easy to maneuver around. It is made of the excellent quality aluminum hilt. Dual grade and shatterproof polycarbonate blade that emits flashes and sound whenever it is hit against a hard surface.

  • Curved Hilt lightsaber

The curved hilt lightsaber was used by the Jedi and the Sith during clone wars. Its unique design of curved hilt allowed the duelist to lunge at their opponent with the utmost precision. This lightsaber was wielded by Count Dooku, who was emulated by his Sith apprenticeship Asajj Ventress. It was also priorly used by Jedi padawan Ahsoka, after the rise of the galactic empire. Dooku used his lightsaber skills to defeat his enemies before the first battle of clone wars.

Features: The Reviver Neopixel is a rare saber that is inspired by the sabers of Ahsoka Tano. He was the only possessor of the white saber. Its curved and rectangular hilt provides great precisions. The Xenopixel 2.0 provides smooth swing motion along with saber effects. It also emits a realistic-looking flash and sound on the swing whenever it is hit against a hard surface.

The Ending Thought

Each lightsaber has an interesting story behind the character and the battle it has helped the character’s win. The lightsaber is a representation of a person’s favorite character in Star Wars and allows the fans to fully incorporate their spirit by experiencing a realistic experience through these lightsabers.

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