Steps for Introducing Adult Baby Bottles to Your Breastfeeding Kids

Lion’s share lactation adepts advise to wait until your baby reached one month of his / her life and by breastfeeding he / she can able to feed easily. You should hold for one month for introducing baby bottles to your little life. If you are working women then before starting your work back 2 weeks ago start the bottle feeding it will help you to adjust. Bottle feeding helps you to feed your baby outside of your house some women feel shame during breastfeeding when they are not at their home so those women introduce baby feeders to their kids. If you are also thinking about how to introduce adult baby bottles to your little baby then you came to right place here you will know about the things about baby feeding and also you will enlighten about the best baby bottles and also you can know from where you can get them. It’s an obvious thing that it is a stressful task but nothing is impossible. Let’s get started fellas!

Steps for Introducing Adult Baby Bottles to Your Kids

Some babies adopt bottle feeding very easily but some babies really resist the baby bottles and introducing baby bottles to these babies is a toiling task but don’t worry just follow these steps and your baby will start bottle feeding. Steps for introducing bottle feeding to your kids are as follow;

Proffer him / her baby bottle after his / her regular breastfeeding

Provide your little charms adult baby bottles after their breastfeeding. Set a time for proffering them baby bottles for instance proffer them baby bottle in the evening, in the morning or at night after breastfeeding. By this step he / she will get familiar to the nipple. Just pour little amount of milk in baby bottle and give them warm milk in baby bottles.

Use Slow Flow Nipples

If you wish that your baby start feeding form baby bottle then you should use a slow flow nipple on the top of your kid’s baby bottle. This thing will similar to the breastfeeding. Change the posture during the bottle feeding just similar when you change during breastfeeding and take break during feeding, don’t try to feed them incessantly with the baby bottle pause is necessary during baby bottle feeding. Just put back the bottle when your baby express the notches that he / she is full.

Ask Someone Else to Feed Yours Baby first Baby Bottle Feeding

Babies are very attached to their mothers. The first thing they recognize is only their mom so if you feed him / her with feeder then they resist to feeding and they get confused why their mother is not giving them breastfeeding. It is really better for you that someone else introduced the baby bottle to your little life. If someone else feed them with baby bottle then your baby will get less confused and they will easily start feeding from baby bottles. Ask your husband, mother-in-law, sister or anyone else to feed them with bottles.

Don’t Stay With Your Baby during His / Her Bottle Feeding

Don’t stay with your baby during his initial stage of bottle feeding. Babies can smell their moms form very far. They can smell their mother even she stands at a distance. So if you stand near him / her or go in the next room he / she may know that you and your breast in the next room or near to him / her. So go out from the house during the initial stages of your baby bottle feeding.

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