Successful People Using Cognitive Enhancers!

What Are Cognitive Enhancers or Nootropics?

Also known as Nootropics, Brain Supplements, the cognitive enhancers are synthetic or natural compounds which improve the brain function. For the high-performing professionals, the popularity of Nootropics has been growing fast. Its usage is important for these professional people in their daily tasks. Especially people such as the Wall Street executives and the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. These Nootropics are the cognitive enhancers for them to be able to perform their best at all times.

Although there is no such pill exist in this world which will transform you into a cognitive Superman. The movie, “Limitless” has shown the exaggerated and fictitious benefit of Nootropics. In this respect, many people have once again acknowledge the power of Nootropics. The possibility of cognitive enhancement can bring magical dreams into our daily life.

These miracle cognitive enhancers are much like coffee. The caffeine in the coffee makes us awake by improving our cognitive abilities. The effects are similar. But, they are not exactly the same to some extent. Cognitive enhancers are not only keeping us awake. They will help us to achieve a higher level of mental performance and keep our brain healthy.

The Benefits of Cognitive Enhancers

Let take a closer look at some of the benefits in these cognitive enhancers. To see why they have attracted to these high performing professionals. These benefits must have something that fit into their needs and goals of their daily life. No matter what they are. The benefits must be good for them. Or else, they would not take cognitive enhancers as their daily needs.


This is one of the most important factors for the high performing professionals. They need the minds to concentrate on what they do. They cannot afford to make a wrong decision. Caffeine in coffee is a well-known way to improve focus. For further improvement, you can use L-theanine to stack with caffeine for better results.


For those professionals like the Wall Street people and entrepreneurs. They need to work long nights or working through days without taking rests. Their working life needs to combat the sleep and fatigue deprivation. The Rhodiola Rosea and creatine can be quite effective in this area.

Mood Enhancer

By enhancing your mood, you will have greater cognitive abilities. Plus, you will have more confidence and energy to tackle any tasks in front of you. To increase your brain chemicals with some Nootropics will enhance your mood. Bacopa monnieri can lead you to happiness and reduce your anxiety at the same times.


After all, we all wish to have a better memory. Especially if you are under pressure at all times. You need to remember every single detail around you. Choline and Piracetam are some of the most common Nootropics for memory enhancement. They are for long and short term memory benefits.

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Cognitive Enhancers

These high performing professionals must have already found all the above benefits and more. By taking the cognitive enhancers as a part of the daily diet to improve their life. They will have better memory, enhanced focus and fantastic mood. Most important of all. They can work harder and much longer without feeling fatigue.

For those normal people like us, we do not need to live under pressure all the times. Taking cognitive enhancers can still benefit to us. Because these Nootropics can improve the health of our brain. Let us be able to use the full potential of the brain. So, we can look forward to a more prosperous life in our near future.

What are the side effects of using nootropics?

Dr. Giurgea is the founder of Nootropic. He defined the five criteria for any substance classified as Nootropics. One of the criteria stated that Nootropics should have little or none of the side effects. Nootropics intended to enhance the health of your brain. Any substance has significant side effects could not classify as a true Nootropics. But, there are some Nootropics side effects you need to know.

Most people could not accept some of the “Smart Drugs” (eg. Adderall) as Nootropics. This type of “Smart Drugs” contains stimulants. They are likely to cause side effects / Nootropics side effects. But, Herbal or Natural substances offer a less chance of having side effects. If you are thinking of taking this kind of supplements to enhance the health of your brain. This is an important factor for you to consider.

Yet, the Nootropics on today’s market are not all free from side effects. Some of these Nootropics give you some benefits along with some side effects. These may affect the day-to-day function of your life. So, you should understand what are the potential side effects. Then, you can decide which Nootropics are right for you.

Most Common Nootropics side effects:-

1) Depletion of Neurotransmission

Nootropics thought to be able to enhance neurotransmission. But, over time, any usage of the drug will actually deplete the neurotransmitters. Your body has got used to having Nootropics. You take it to create the neurotransmitters and maintain normal cognitive functions. Once you stop taking Nootropics, your body needs sometimes to readjust itself. And redevelop a natural balance once again without Nootropics.

2) Migraines or Headaches

One of the most likely side effects is having headaches when you are taking Nootropics the first time. It makes sense If you give it some thought about this. Because you are asking your brain to work harder with Nootropics. Your brain produces and releases more neurotransmitters to communicate between neurons in your brain. Your brain will work harder under this circumstance than before.

Your stack of Nootropics includes a choline supplement can reduce the potential of headaches. Or, you buy the Nootropic supplement with choline supplements as part of its ingredients. Choline is essential for both brain health and function. It also offers benefits like learning and memory improvements.

3) Dependence on Nootropics

For a long term usage of Nootropics, one can become dependent on Nootropics. If you take Nootropics to study, perform routine cognitive related tasks or taking tests. You are no longer able to complete the above tasks without Nootropics.

A true Nootropics should not make you addicted to it. But, you may become used to taking Nootropics to perform better. You will find yourself not willing to stop in achieving a higher goal.

4) Your body crashes

Nootropics are just like any other drugs. They can produce benefits for the short term with drawbacks in the long term. For example. When you take caffeine as a stimulant to boost your cognition for the short term. It will cause you to crash shortly thereafter. Your body just could not take it for the long term.

Thus, when you are using Nootropics. You should always remember to keep in touch with the natural rhythms of your body. You should not try to push yourself way over the limit of your body can take. Nootropic should not use to keep going for days without stopping. You use it only to enhance the natural performance of your body.

5) Stomach upsets

Stomach upsets are not as common as headaches. Some Nootropics users reported stomach upsets when having extra high dosages of Nootropics. Or, they are experimenting Nootropics with different stacks. You should increase dosages at a slow pace to reduce the likelihood of having stomach upsets.

Understand Nootropics Side Effects

Nootropics like NooCube Smart Drug intended to enhance your brain with many cognitive benefits. You should take a look at the above possible side effects before taking it. If you are in doubt, you should consult with your doctors before making your final decision.

When you decide to buy Nootropics on the internet. You ought to buy from a reputable company for a genuine product to help you to reach your goal.

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