T20 World Cup: How is Pakistan Doing?

As any international cricket fan will tell you, the T20 World Cup has been outstanding this year. With it, we’ve already born witness to some incredible feats of international talent. In particular, many fans are glued to the action unfurling in Group 2. It’s not your average group stage, to say the least – and Pakistan is pulling out all the stops.

Who’s in Group 2?

To understand why Group 2 in the T20 is so contested, we need to consider the talent taking part. The six teams in the group include India, Namibia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Scotland and Pakistan. That’s a fantastic mix of international cricketing superstardom. What’s more, watching India and Pakistan in the same group is always going to lead to some memorable moments.

Of course, T20’s Group 2 is also set to be one of the most followed. India alone is pulling in the viewers – the IPL is the most-attended cricket league in the world! However, it’s how they measure up on the world stage that drives global interest. With action already underway and India having played two games – with zero points – it’s been a mixed bag.

Pakistan are the team that have been turning heads! But why, and what could happen in the days to come?

Pakistan on the Rise

At the time of writing, Pakistan’s side had played three matches and has scored six points. They are just about to play Namibia next – and by the time you read this, you’ll know if there’s a further upset. With only Afghanistan challenging in second place (two points behind), the semi-finals are in sight.

Pundits claim that Pakistan’s current run of wins should see them into the next round. Many have attributed this incredible run to Asif Ali – whose international record is yet to fully unfurl. Ali is an incredible talent on home soil – but internationally, he’s yet to prove himself. Will his amazing sixes against Afghanistan help to push back against naysayers?

Regardless of where Pakistan ends up in the competition, it’s safe to say they’ve provided some fantastic moments. Group 2 has been one of the most varied in T20 this time around. What’s more, Pakistan’s domination thus far has been eye-opening.

Spare a thought or two for Scotland and India at the bottom of the grid, however. It’s hardly been a magical group for their stars!

Pakistan’s Overall Performance

Pakistan’s performance in T20 thus far has led to some fairly nervous moments. Afghanistan is not a side to reckon with at their best, and three clear wins in a row is a dream combination. Only England, in Group 1, has carried off the same unbeaten streak this time around. Perhaps the cup is set to fall between Pakistan and England, but there are a few big hitters left.

While England and Pakistan were the only two teams at the start of November with clean sheets, the competition was fierce. South Africa, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Australia and Namibia remain in contention. As all cricket fans know, a great performance in the group stages is all well and good – but what happens next? It’s all about converting that group dominance into clean wins in the next two rounds.

How is this T20 Measuring Up?

Unfurling across the Middle East, 2021’s T20 has been a triumphant resurgence for international cricket. Following a year of uncertainty, teams such as Pakistan are showing us all why the game’s worth coming back to.

Regardless of who wins the tournament – Pakistan can leave the competition with their heads held high. What a group performance!

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