The Benefits of Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 15 million people in the United States experience Alochol Use Disorder. Unfortunately, only about 7 percent of those individuals receive treatment for their addiction.

Alcoholism is an insidious and damaging disease. It can affect your health as well as your employment and relationships. The good news is that treatment is available and easy to find and access.

If you have never been to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or have been in the past but stopped, you may be curious about what benefits these gatherings offer. Below are some of the main advantages of attending AA meetings. Keep reading to find out why they may be a good fit for you.

Proven Track Record

There are many different programs that offer help for alcoholics. However, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has the longest proven track record of successful recovery of any organization on the planet.

Since it began in 1935, AA has helped millions of people. It currently has about 2 million members in 180 nations. Although it has grown and changed a lot, those essential fundamentals that worked almost 90 years ago, including accountability through “sponsorship,” remain today.

It Is Free

One of the biggest benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous is that it is free and accessible to anyone. There are no barriers––you do not need an appointment or doctor’s order. You simply need to take the initiative to find a meeting and go.

Meet People With Similar Struggles

So often, people struggling with addiction feel that no one understands why they are unable to stop drinking. This evokes both feelings of isolation and defeatism. It is perhaps one of the main reasons they fail to seek help.

All Alcoholics Anonymous meetings involve other addicts sharing their personal experiences with addiction. Going allows you to connect with individuals who are experiencing (or have in the past) the same kinds of challenges you are facing today.

This also means that AA meetings are free of judgment. Since the people there have been in similar circumstances as you, no matter where you are in your recovery, they are likely to view your situation not with criticism but with empathy.

Learn New Strategies

Similarly, making these connections allows you to learn new skills for recovery. Even if you have been to treatment for alcohol addiction in the past, including AA meetings, each meeting presents a new opportunity.

They present a fresh opportunity to ignite hope and inspiration for anyone struggling with addiction. Meetings allow you to learn practical strategies and behaviors to employ to avoid circumstances that lead to drinking. 

These include everything from the 12 steps of AA to someone you can call if you think you might relapse. There also are tangible tools for success, such as AA sobriety coins that signify various intervals of successful recovery.

Find Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Near You

Now that you understand the many benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you can determine if it is the right option for you. Through the national AA website, you can find meetings near you.

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