The Best Online Video Editors – Plan & Pricing Comparison

If you are just diving into the video editing tool, you may want to start off with a cheap, simple online video editor to make promo videos. This can serve you,  but it depends on its performance. After all, as a beginner, you probably have a small budget and you equally need easy-to-use software. However, if you are a pro video editor, or plans to make more professional videos, your main concern should be quality. This means that you will be better off buying the best video editing software for Mac or Windows even if you have to spend more.  We have find the following video editors that would best suit your editing needs as reviewed by plan and pricing comparisons:

Promo Online Video Editor

All depends on the kind of video you intend to create, Promo can help you make quality videos like a Pro in a matter of minutes. Regardless of your ability or lack of video editing experience, this online video editor is an accessible platform. It has over 4,000 in-built pre-designed templates and millions of free images and videos to meet your needs. Automated voice-over features, cloud storage, and 24-hour support make it ideal for social content creators. It gets better than this. You can come up with a high-resolution clip on its easy-to-navigate interface.


If you are looking for an online video editor for short presentations and video ads, then FlexClip is your friend. Not only is its interface learner-friendly and easy to navigate, but it also has a wide library of templates. To make your video great, you can animate your text while taking advantage of its stickers and overlay options. Just like the InVideo platform, FlexClip gives you voiceover features. When it comes to cloud storage, this tool can only hold a maximum of 1,000 videos. With FlexClip, you would need to spend about 20 dollars per month to get 10 to 30 minutes of video duration. The free version gives a smaller video length. You only get 60 seconds.


If you want to engage an Artificial Intelligence-powered online video editor in your video creation, then think Magisto! This automatic interface that uses prompts to guide your editing process can create videos from facial recognition and a sequence of actions. These sequenced actions can help you make a video that will evoke emotional reactions from your viewers. From simply just uploading videos from your media library to incorporation of animation to the same, Magisto is ideal for marketing and branding videos.

At 10 dollars monthly, you get HD resolution customizable videos, with your brand logo, colors and fonts. Moreover, you get access to analytics and a variety of filters. Compared to other editing tools, Magisto has more, superior customization options.  However, there is no free version, hence it is not ideal for start-ups, personal videos or small-time content creators. Still, on the downside, the customized templates have limitations as compared to Promo. Also, your videos can only go up to 10 minutes.

If you need to edit your own videos with more than 10 million free videos and images, why not try this advanced online video editor? All you need is a few minutes of engagement with the useful prompts and you are good to go. is among the best video editors that features high level video customization in over 600 customizable templates. In addition, you get access to plenty of stickers, overlays and transitions.

Unlike InVideo and FlexClip, which offer automated voice overs, with you can add customized voiceovers. This is in addition to the automated ones. It is best suited for vloggers, businesses and social media marketing. Compared to the other video editors found online, it costs more as the subscription stands at 24 dollars monthly.  You can do 30 minute videos with this subscription but the free version limits you to 15 seconds. Moreover, the free version is useless if you need to export MP4 files or HD videos.


This is a user-friendly tool embedded with tools that help you create attractive videos in the fastest way possible. As an entrepreneur or start-up entity, you can make event announcements, product videos and testimonials for your social media page. Animoto boasts over 3,000 audio tracks, more than a million stock photos and videos. Whether you choose the free version or the subscription version, you can download an unlimited number of videos.  Animoto enables sharing across several social media channels and supports HD video exports of 1080p and SD 720p. As much as you can customize videos with your logo and brand colors, the free version has limited fonts, photos, audio and videos. You will pay 15 dollars a month for more options. However, customized templates rather than those in other editing tools. In addition, you will be limited in customizing assets while editing your video.

Final Thoughts

The online market is filled with several video editing software you can use to make your editing process easier. Any editing tool can help you get started with your video production. For you to bring out the best in your personal videos, social media promo videos or marketing videos, you need a quality online video editor. We have identified the best online editing tools to help you determine one that works for you. After all, for you to have a smooth and fulfilling editing process, you have to find the right software that meets your needs.

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