The Best Wholesale Clothing Websites for High Fashion Startups in 2022

So you’ve decided to kick off the new year by creating your own high fashion startup. 

You can’t go wrong with clothing, since it’s one of those commercial staples for which there’s always a secure demand. No matter the country’s economic highs and lows, people are always looking for the latest fashion accessories. 

Now you just need to know where to buy wholesale clothing for your business. Let’s take a closer look at the best wholesale clothing websites to get started. 

LA Showroom

First up on our list is a site that’s perfect for sourcing high fashion wholesale clothing. 

The California-based LA Showroom stocks a wide variety of stylish clothing that appeals to the most fashionable customers. As with many boutique vendors, much of their stock caters to women, but there are plenty of options for men and children as well. 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

If you’re looking to buy wholesale clothing that caters especially to women, Magnolia Fashion is the high-fashion vendor for you. 

Based in Miami, Magnolia Fashion specializes in women’s apparel. They use a simple and easy-to-use sizing system of small, medium, and large. This wholesale boutique also features a section for plus-sized women, together with an assortment of fashion accessories and footwear.  

Alanic Clothing

If you’re interested in acquiring a more diverse array of wholesale clothing online, you can’t go wrong with Alanic Clothing. 

In addition to the usual assortment of daywear, Alanic Clothing also offers a variety of sports and fitness apparel for fashion-conscious customers. Best of all, Alanic is not just in the business of wholesaling to merchants. They can also supply businesses with custom clothing for individual labels. 

Steal Deal Inc.

Steal Deal Inc. is one of the top vendors for men’s clothing—especially for those eager to find high-quality hip-hop clothing and urban wear. 

Steal Deal features a huge collection of coveted streetwear, with hundreds of brands and styles. Whether you need to stock hoodies, jackets, tees, or sweatshirts, Steal Deal Inc. has it covered. They also have urban wear designs for kids and women. 


OrangeShine is another California-based high-fashion wholesaler. 

But the company is more than just a wholesale fashion clothing vendor. Part of OrangeShine’s mission is to supply children in poverty-stricken areas with t-shirts and other clothing. 

So when you source clothing from this company, you’re also contributing to their unique vision. This makes OrangeShine one of the best wholesale clothing websites on our list. 

Hailey & Co.

Are you looking to buy wholesale clothing that’s proudly made in the USA? 

Hailey & Co. is a local wholesaler that provides a large array of styles and fashion accessories. It specializes in women’s clothing, including plus-size dresses, skirts, and many other clothing types. Best of all, they claim that some eighty percent of their clothing is locally sourced and manufactured. 


Finally, we’ll wrap up our list with BrandsGateway. 

This is an immense wholesale vendor that’s based in Minnesota. For high-end fashion brands, this wholesaler has everything.

All that’s needed to source clothing from BrandsGateway is to register with their marketplace. Then you can start buying from their extensive catalog of high-fashion clothing and accessories. 

The Best Wholesale Clothing Websites for Your Startup

Discovering the right clothing suppliers for your high-fashion startup takes a lot of effort. That’s why we hope this list of the best wholesale clothing websites will help you get started. 

And if you’re interested in more fashion info and advice, please take a look at the rest of our blog. 

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