Three things to keep in mind when buying travel insurance

Until a few years ago, travelling, especially a family trip was restricted to summer vacations or winter holidays. Today, many people travel regularly—for work, leisure, and higher education. The over two years of pandemic-related restrictions have only increased the zeal of travel lovers to go exploring again. However, make sure to secure your trip with travel insurance India. Travel insurance covers you against accidents and other mishaps such as flight cancellations and baggage loss during your trip.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Any travel plan—domestic or international—is open to risks such as baggage loss, flight cancellations, and more. Many things can go wrong without the fault of the traveller. However, it is you, the traveller, who will have to bear the consequences of any unfortunate event. It gets even more difficult if you are facing a medical emergency and need immediate medical attention. Or, if your lost baggage consisted of valuables and high-priced items such as important documents or a camera. If your idea is to relax and have fun when travelling, then invest in good travel insurance India plan. It will protect you from several financial difficulties during your trip, be it domestic or abroad.

You may take all sorts of precautions to make sure your vacation or business trip goes as smoothly as planned, but things may not go as planned at all times. Say, if you fall sick and require urgent medical help when at your travel destination, it might cost you more than you can bear, especially if you are in some other country. Thankfully, most travel insurance plans cover hospitalisation expenses if you fall sick during your trip.

Another possibility is the loss of baggage. If you do not receive the luggage you checked in on time or if gets lost during transit, travel insurance India will help you cover the cost. There is no surety that your airline partner will help you at such a time. They may even ask you to wait for 24 hours so that they can locate your lost baggage. Now, that can cause major disruptions to your plan. You can easily avoid such crises by buying travel insurance before embarking on the journey.

Also, flight delays are common across the world. Rescheduling or postponing the flight is a common scenario, especially if you going on an international trip. There are times when the flights are delayed by more than 6 hours, much to the inconvenience of the passengers. In such scenarios, travel policies such as travel insurance for Dubai will reimburse the amount spent on meal purchases and other refreshments when you wait for your flight. All of these will be subject to bill submissions.

Talking about work trips, imagine you are on a business trip and are carrying important documents with you. What if you lose the documents or the passport when at an international destination? Travel insurance India will help you by covering the cost of getting a duplicate or fresh passport and other documents. In case of personal accidents, travel insurance will pay compensation for the accidental death or disability of the policyholder. Travel insurance such as travel insurance for Dubai makes sure you enjoy your trip stress-free.

Three critical things your travel insurance should cover

You invest in travel insurance to ensure peace of mind when you are having a good time at your destination. However, if you are not cautious of the features of your travel insurance policy and if does not cover certain situations or losses, then your investment will not be worth it. Here are three things you must insist on when buying travel insurance India.

1: Medical emergencies

A medical crisis does not come knocking on the door. A medical issue can arise anytime, in anyone. During a foreign trip, if you or your family member falls sick, the best travel insurance will help you access a top-notch healthcare facility without worrying about the cost involved. Therefore, look for a policy that covers both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses. Opt for a customised or specific travel plan if one or more of your family members in the travel group has an existing health condition.

2: Trip cancellation

Let’s discuss a situation where one of your family members falls sick just before you embark on the journey. Imagine, all the travel arrangements are made and you were ready to leave. You may have no option but to cancel the trip at the last minute. Usually, that would mean losing flight costs, hotel payments, and other booking amounts if any. But, not with travel insurance. Therefore, choose a plan that covers last-minute trip cancellations.

3: Theft

While most of the above-mentioned concerns are covered by popular travel insurance India, one area that leaves you vulnerable is the risk of theft or burglary. What if you lose your valuables including your passport to theft when travelling abroad? Choose a plan that covers losses due to theft. Not having valid travel insurance at such a time can cause major troubles, legal as well as financial, when abroad.


Travel insurance is not a luxury, but a necessity. Many countries have made it mandatory to have travel insurance to set foot on their soil. While a basic travel insurance plan can get you entry to these countries, it may not offer adequate coverage in the event of an emergency. And, even if your destination country does not mandate having travel insurance, it is advisable to get one such as travel insurance for Dubai to remain protected against common risks faced by all travellers. With the right travel insurance policy, you can make sure you are not stuck in any financial implications due to a change in plans or medical emergencies when on a trip.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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