Top 5 Amazing Cultural Events in Memphis

Memphis is a popular spot for music lovers, and it was a home for famous performers such as Elvis Presley and B.B. King. The second name for this city is Home of the Blues and Rock’n’Roll because of live music everywhere and its great cultural background. There are limitless things that will brighten up your trip, festivals, and other events. Get acquainted with our article before making plans, and find a point that will be interesting – there’s not only music but arts and culinary. During preparation, consider car rentals in the USA for convenient transportation; it reduces the spending on flights and allows you to visit more places.

What do I need for a trip to Tennessee 

As long as the average cost of living in that state is significantly lower, you can not be afraid of forgetting something to pack. A vehicle is really desired if it goes away from underlying attractions. 

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Beale Street Music Festival

Every year the festival hosts 100,000 music fans that come to pay tribute to musical heritage. The celebration starts in May and takes place on four stages in Lee Tom park on the edge of the street that meets the picturesque river. Every night is saturated with multi-genre programs because, among musicians, you will see blues bands, classic rock ensembles, various performances in hip-hop, alternative, and other types. Although the place is crowded, it controls well because of professional staff, so the crime is low.  

Memphis Fashion Week

To see the citizen’s preferences in style, follow the opportunity to visit Memphis Fashion Week. You can observe the best works of local artists and regional designers at a set of events and even shop for some unique clothing. Definitely, a brandy dress or suit would be a nice souvenir. Begin with Fashion Night Out and spend the evening with friends to get a closer look at creations and try them on. Also, experience a live podium straight ahead – the street-style. Catch inspiration from the most fashionable people in the city and be a witness to demonstrating the power of style mavens

RiverArts Fest

The creativity wonderland appears in Memphis every October on the beautiful river bank. Visit the showcases with works of urban creators or express yourself and apply to the artist market. Collectors always come to admire and buy something, so it is a good chance to light up and communicate with co-thinkers. The collected money is directed to support art in the local community in the form of scholarships and investments. There’s hardly a better place for experiencing the strongest sense of beauty, so the festival is worth attending. 

Southern Hot Wings Food Festival

Hot wings don’t happen much, but it is possible to try many variations here. For $15, you get access to a natural foodie paradise for the whole day. Competitors are conquering hearts by cooking crispy delicacies, and indeed it is complicated to go home empty-handed. Additionally, there’s also no without live performances and fundraising initiatives to keep visitors entertained. Enjoy the atmosphere and chill. 

Elvis Week

The live legacy of the world-alive singer is open to commemorate his life, movies, and music in the framework of Elvis Week. Join the annual gathering in Graceland to immerse yourself in King’s world. Fans are treated to a nice program, including behind-the-scenes tours, live performances in the beloved Elvis’ favorite genre, meetings with special guests, conversations, and conferences. Review the Memphis car rental to be punctual with plans. 


Now you learn about special events in Memphis, and we hope one will be a point in the route. Undoubtedly, that trip will be memorable, so don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the moments. Wish you a safe road!

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