Use Filmora Video Editing Software And Be A Rockstar Of Your Limit

Wondershare Filmora is a popular video editing software that helps the user in concentrating on editing the videos and making them of high quality. Even beginners can make a video that looks professional by using this software. It has an affordable set of features that makes it superior to all its competitors. You can easily use this software like a YouTube intro maker because it gives the video a stylish look beyond your expectations. GIF editor feature in IT enables the user in importing and exporting GIF clips and files and even added them according to their uses. With all its dedications and tributes, you can easily use it for your well.

Why is Wondershare Filmora video editor superior?

The software is superior to all its competitors because of the features offered by it. It offers many features like a GIF editor that supports editing GIF files. You can easily eliminate or add some scenes to the video that you want to be in it. The resolution provided by the software is up to 4K which helps it in exporting video at a high resolution. You can easily use your YouTube intro maker to make the introduction of your YouTube video and also to enhance its quality. It also removes all the unwanted noise in the video and makes it look attractive. Of course the best and most effective way to go is with professional video editing services. However, if you’re planning to edit yourself, read on.

How to use YouTube intro maker Wondershare Filmora video editing software

When you are starting up with a new video making then you should fully concentrate on its editing. You simply drag and drop all the media files that are to be converted into the video into the application. Now cut and trim them according to their usage and then preview them with the help of the preview option present. You can see the timeline of the video created by you on the computer screen as well. Add all the effects and features that you wish to be in it and then with the help of GIF editor you can edit it according to your mood.

Some Of The Features

Features provided by Wondershare Filmora video editing software

  • The major features offered by Filmora are video stabilizer, screen detection, audio equalizer, noise removal, color tuning, green screen, motion tracking, video effects, split-screen, and many others.
  • The green screen feature enables the user to re-imagine their world by changing the background and creating enormous effects. Motion tracking helps you to level up your editing with the intuition of object tracking.
  • The other feature that is gif support feature allows you to import, edit and export GIF files. The noise removal feature provides you the facility to remove unwanted noise from the background within no time.
  • The audio mixer feature helps you to change the audio of each track. The advanced text editor allows the user to edit the color, size, font, and even animation of any text. One of the best features is split-screen, you can multiply your fun with multiple screens, and is a unique way to tell your story.
  • It has very salient features and is therefore loved by its users. The filters provided by it are also very unique and make the video impressive by applying them. Different filters could be applied to different clips and videos.

Price offered by Wondershare Filmora video editor

There are many more plans which offer you more features according to the payment you choose and the function you choose to use. Wondershare Filmora gives you the options and use of the feature as you pay and use it, their latest feature update is Filmora X which gives you the latest features and updates of the software. the cheapest featured plan among all plans is mentioned and they also provide sections like business, student, perpetual, etc plans to their customers.

The best features offered by it are just affordable for 7.99 dollars per month. For a lifetime license of it, you may simply adopt the policy of 79.99 dollars. At this minimum price, you can have up to 100 layers of media and thousands of video effects including overlays and transitions.

Final verdict

The YouTube intro maker software is a great video editing software. It gives you 4K editing support and above 50 formats of editing. Its GIF editor feature is accessible and can be used in different manners for making your video look attractive. It is a reasonably priced software and is recommended by most editors. It also has won many awards in its field and is becoming the passion of new professionals. It has more extensive support and fuller toolsets that give better techniques and formats to the video creator. You can easily make videos that look very beautiful with the help of the software.

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