Wage Garnishment lawyer

Wage garnishment refers to a legal procedure in which your earnings are legally deducted by your employer and sent directly to a person or creditor to whom you owe a debt. Some common causes of wage garnishment are child support, student loans, consumer debts, credit card debts, and medical bills.

Wage garnishment because of unpaid child support often happens when you, as a parent, fail to initiate a payment process for your child’s support. In the case of student loans, however, if you default on a student loan, they can garnish up to 15% of your wages. Credit card debts, on the other hand, refer to the failure to initiate payment for your credit card bills on time. Wage garnishment because of medical bills also happens due to the failure to pay your medical bills on time.

The process of wage garnishment is usually initiated when you are sued by your creditor for a neglected or nonpayment debt. However, in the instance of child support or student loans, creditors are allowed to force garnishment without a court order. 

Once your creditors have filed a wage garnishment against you, do not feel panicked, you may calm down and think properly about what you can and must do. Or you can click here for more details.

Before panicking, here are some things that you should do once you are being garnished.

First, you must be attentive and check everything in the judgment to verify if all the information is accurate. Ensure that there are no errors or incorrect information, like if it is indeed a debt that you have not aided yet. Then you must evaluate how it will affect your financial situation. If it is indeed accurate, you may handle it yourself, but either way, you might need to consider hiring a wage garnishment lawyer to ensure that the procedure is being executed unsuspiciously.

How can wage garnishment lawyers help you?

If you are facing wage garnishment, it should be considered to hire a good wage garnishment lawyer to help you settle your debt. 

Wage garnishment lawyers can help you discuss your legal rights regarding the legal procedure of wage garnishment. They ensure if the creditors do not take more than the exact amount, they can legally take it, and they also offer services regarding the required paperwork you have to settle. 

An experienced wage garnishment lawyer can help you to look at your debts and sort them out through debt relief options. There are several ways to avoid wage garnishments, and one of the best ways is the process of negotiating a debt settlement with your creditors. It would be more viable if you initiate the negotiation even before your creditors files a lawsuit. Your lawyer will then help you prepare the best offers that your creditors will consider accepting. 

If you have chosen the approach of filing a bankruptcy petition, a good lawyer can also assist you throughout the process of bankruptcy. They help you understand how it works by discussing your rights and the whole process of it. Bankruptcy is considered the best solution to eliminate wage garnishments and disable your creditors from filing another lawsuit. By filing bankruptcy, you are automatically protected by the automatic stay regulation, which forces your creditors to halt all debt collection processes. However, there are some types of debts that bankruptcy cannot stop the process of collection, such as types of taxes, child support or alimony, criminal fines or court fees, and more. 

To summarize, a good and experienced wage garnishment lawyer can help you when it comes to:

  • Preventing wage garnishments 
  • Reducing debts that could cause wage garnishments; and 
  • Eliminating existing cases of wage garnishments

In terms of your employment, however, your employer might possibly consider the course of firing you because of wage garnishment. Your lawyer will then explain to you that you are protected by federal law, which prevents you from being terminated by your employer. If your employer, however, still fired you, it might be the best option to consult with your lawyer and file a lawsuit against your employer. 

So how are you going to look for the best wage garnishment lawyer in your area? How would you know that they are experienced and reliable?

Here are some things you must consider when you are looking for a good wage garnishment lawyer:

ü You can ask around your friends or family if they can recommend a lawyer you can hire to help you with wage garnishment

  • Search about that lawyer, where s/he is working, and check his or her credibility.
  • Check the reviews about the lawyer and the overall rating for the firm s/he is working for.
  • Schedule an appointment and discussion about your case once you are sure about your lawyer. 

 Coast One Tax Group

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable wage garnishment lawyer, you may check the firm Coast One Tax Group. They are known for their excellent tax relief services. They have 5-star ratings from Google and Trust Link and an excellent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

They provide a wide range of tax relief services through outstanding and dependable tax attorneys, accountants, CPAs, and enrolled agents who are committed to assisting individuals who are dealing with tax issues. You are also allowed to get a free consultation in terms of tax negotiation and tax settlement, offer in compromise, tax lien and levies, retirement seizure, wage garnishment, IRS Tax Audit, and unfiled tax returns.

The services they provide include:

Tax Resolution

They aim to help their clients resolve any tax issues they are struggling with by providing their clients with a successful outcome. Therefore, if you are currently facing any back tax issues, this firm can help you resolve your problem by assisting you throughout the process, making it easier for you to navigate.

Eliminate Wage Garnishment 

If you failed to initiate a payment for your balance to your creditors or on IRS or State taxes, they might be able to file a wage garnishment against you, and your employer will then withhold a certain amount from each paycheck. Therefore, if you think you need help, you may consider contacting this firm to have a free consultation to find out the best approach to resolve your wage garnishment.

Tax Lien Withdrawal

When you neglect or fail to execute payment for your taxes, you may face a federal tax lien problem, which means that the government has a legal claim against your property, which can be very stressful. If you are currently facing such a problem, you may contact this firm, and their team of experts will then assist you throughout the process of resolving your tax lien.

Tax Audit

A tax audit refers to the examination process provided by the IRS to verify that the taxpayer’s income and deductions are indeed accurate. The team from this firm will then assist you with providing the necessary information to the tax agencies, which will allow for a huge reduction in the amount owed.

Aside from the services discussed above, the other tax services the firm offers are Fresh Start Initiative, Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse, Offer in Compromise. Penalty Abatement, Tax Consultants, Tax Lawyers, Tax Negotiation, and Tax Preparation/Unfiled Tax Return. 

You may check the reviews from their previous clients and their contact details on their website. 

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