What are the Lightest Electric Bikes for Women

Electric bikes are quickly becoming a trend. With the various options, features, and styles available, you have a lot to think about when deciding to purchase one. Of course, most people will think about comfort, durability, speed, and longevity. I, on the other hand, think about weight. Weight will be an essential factor to consider for many reasons. 

Why Should I Consider the Weight of the Electric Bike I Want

You should consider the weight for several reasons. If you are traveling and transporting the bike with you, you will have to load and unload the bike from the vehicle you are traveling in. So you will want a light bike to lift and move without strain. How fun will a nice bike ride be if you hurt your back or arms transporting your bike? 

You will also want to consider weight for the handleability of the bike. A highly light bike can be challenging to handle and peddle. An electric bike that is too light can also indicate a small battery. A smaller battery can mean less distance and speed per charge. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the trail or route where you ride your bike with a dead battery and no electric bike features. 

You do not want a bike that is too heavy to lift if needed. However, you want the bike to have some weight to it, so it is easier to peddle and maneuver. A little weight on the bike can also indicate a larger battery that will handle longer distances. So naturally, you would want to consider weight for several reasons. 

Is a Lightweight Electric Bike a Good Idea

Electric Bikes range in weight generally from 40 pounds to 80 pounds. This weight range is good. They have to have some weight to them, considering they have batteries and motors, which are essential to an electric bike. 

While 40 pounds is not exactly light, it is not heavy. This is an excellent low weight for an electric bike. At this weight, you can have the durability to get average ride lengths with peddling assistance on smooth flat surfaces. The speed may not be the fastest, and you may not get endless hours of ride time, but you will be able to handle the bike. 

So, in all reality, a lightweight electric bike is not suitable for stability. The motor and the battery weight are used to help balance the bike. If you purchase one too light, you may find it hard to balance the bike and become tipsy. It is also not good to have an electric bike that is super light because that is an indicator of a small battery. The small battery size means you won’t get the length out of your ride at higher speeds. 

What are the Best Light Weight Electric Bikes for Women

 As we have discussed, weight in electric bikes is essential for the stability and longevity of ride time. However, an electric bike does not have to weigh a ton to be stable and easy to ride. Let’s look at some of the best electric bikes that are lightweight and easy to use. 

Nakto Classic 36V

This is an entry-level electric bike. It has 26-inch rims and a step-through design. The Nakto Classic 36V electric bike is a city cruiser-style bike. The 26-inch rims make it easy to handle the potholes and dips in city travel. The 36V 250w hub-mounted motor help this bike pick up speed easily on the pavement. 

This bike weighs in at 68 pounds with the battery installed. It offers pedal assist and thumb control throttle. This bike can get 18 to 20 miles out of a single charge. It has a lot of additional purchasable options to go along with it. It is not too hard on the budget, coming in under a thousand dollars. 

Coastal Cruiser 48V

This electric bike boasts 4-inch wide tires, offering excellent traction and a smoother ride. The Coastal Cruiser 48V electric bike has a step-through design to make getting on and off easier. You can get 20 to 40 miles out of a single charge with average speeds of 20 to 28 mph. 

This bike has a removable lithium-ion battery and optional front suspension to make a smooth ride. This bike offers pedal assist and thumb control throttle. This bike is on the heavier end at around 80lbs, it might be comfortable, speedy, and stylish, but it is probably a little heavier than most women would want to handle. 


This is a stylish and lightweight bike. It is excellent for getting around your neighborhood. The DWMEIGI DW7609 Folding fat tire electric bike is made from lightweight aluminum with a 36V battery. It is made for the everyday commuter with an average of 23 miles to a single charge. 

This little bike is foldable and lightweight. It averages about 23kg with the power pack. It is designed to be great for short trips and last-minute trips. Designed for students across campus, this bike is also great on the budget, coming in under $800. 

The Wrap

In conclusion, weight is a huge factor in the comfort and longevity of a ride. If you are looking for a lightweight bike, you will probably have to sacrifice the distance and handleability of the bike. Taking away weight can also mean a smaller battery. I suggest figuring out how much weight you can handle transporting while deciding what features you want in a bike. 

So, ladies, keep in mind that your intended use of the bike will be important when deciding on what bike you want. While I cannot tell you what the best lightweight bike is, I can recommend researching your intended use, features, and what weight you can handle lifting and moving. 

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