What Are the Main Perks of Self-Publishing on Amazon? 

Did you know folks that when it comes to self-publishing, Amazon is practically killing it? You may now publish your book with minimal effort. But before you take this action, you may wonder, “Is this the right move to make?”, “Should I instead pursue self-publishing, or is the traditional route my best bet?”

Don’t sweat it newbie writers because this article will discuss the main benefits of self-publishing your fantastic book.

How to make this move?

Let’s take a look at what self-publishing on Amazon entails and why so many writers choose to go that route before we discuss the benefits.

By using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service, authors can publish their works without first having to compose a query letter, search for a literary agent, and negotiate contract conditions. To the contrary, it expedites the distribution of their books to readers.

Once your manuscript is completed you need to create an account on this platform. Then, you need to add a new Kindle eBook. If you want readers to discover it ASAP, you need to write the title of the book as well as a brief description of the plot. 

Next, you should add a little bit of info about yourself and choose a couple of keywords, the age range, the categories, and the book release option.

What’s left to do is to upload your book as well as its cover and select your pricing. Once all of this is done, you can finally hit “publish” and your amazing work will appear in the Kindle store very quickly. Give this link a try while you’re at it https://www.makeuseof.com/best-ways-boost-books-sales-amazon-reedsy/.

As you may have suspected from the process of self-publishing with Amazon that was described earlier, there are several benefits, the most significant of which is how much more quickly and easily it can be done in comparison to traditional publishing. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the benefits in greater depth, shall we? 

Ease of use

The fact that you won’t have to deal with the hassles associated with traditional publishing is the most obvious benefit of utilizing KDP. There’s no possibility of being rejected by literary agencies or publishing houses, and there’s no need to wait for a response from the publisher for several months. To get your book published, all you need is the manuscript, the cover art, and access to the Internet.

Creative control

Having complete authority over the creative aspects of the process is just another advantage of utilizing KDP. You have complete control over the contents of your book, as well as its name, cover design, and even the audience that it is aimed towards. 

Fast production

Let’s face it, folks. Not everyone has the luxury of time or money to devote to the lengthy process of getting a book traditionally published. So, the amazing thing to know is that KDP provides you with a speedy and convenient way to distribute your book to a wide audience. 

You won’t have to wait several weeks for people to read your book because the process of self-publishing on this awesome platform only takes a few minutes. After that, your book will be available for purchase in the Kindle store within approximately 24 hours.

Control over the cost

Shall we move on to the subject of money? Of course, we should because it’s an important step in publishing your work.

You should be aware that the price of publishing a book can range anywhere from $200 to $2500. Creating the book cover, as well as formatting, editing, and printing it, are all included in this. 

Even while you may still require the services of a book designer and book editor to perfect your eBook, you won’t have to worry about the expense of printing it. It is, therefore, entirely up to you how much money you spend on your eBook. 

Because of this, going the route of self publishing can save you a significant amount of money, which is not at all the case when going the route of traditional publishing.

Tracking your sales

You should know that through the Kindle Sales Dashboard, Amazon gives self-published writers access to real-time reports detailing book sales and royalties collected over the previous 90 days. The information can also be sorted by eBook format, paperback format, book title, and time range.

The beautiful thing about being a self-published author on Amazon is that monthly payments of royalties can be made via direct deposit, check, or wire transfer. This often occurs around the 60th day following the last day of the month in which the sale was made. This is a fantastic deal when compared to the standard publishing wait time of six months.

Capturing the attention of a lot of customers

If you choose to publish with KDP, your book will be made available to the millions of Amazon customers, as Amazon is one of the major online book markets. This also means that someone in North Africa can be reading your book while you relax in your own house, eager to discover the reviews. 

In addition, Amazon Ads can help you reach the people most likely to buy your book. You can customize Amazon’s advertising campaign to fit your monthly budget and bid amount.


This choice is excellent if you already have a sizable following that you wish to reach with your book promotion efforts. You can set up a preorder for your eBook on Amazon. You may start promoting your book a full year before it comes out, giving yourself plenty of time to get the word out.

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