What Does Treatment Look Like in Outpatient Therapy?

Outpatient therapy is a form of treatment where the patient does not spend the nights at the hospital or the rehabilitation center. The patient comes to the rehabilitation center at a set time and returns home. Like inpatient treatment, outpatient therapy also takes into account the individual needs.

Treatment offered in an outpatient rehab includes stress management, family therapy, and depression treatment. Once you visit a recovery facility, you will be assessed by a professional to determine your condition’s nature and severity. The assessment enables your therapist to determine the proper treatment for you.

If you are searching for an outpatient rehab near me, check out what treatment looks like in outpatient therapy.

Outpatient Detoxification Program

An outpatient detox program is a better alternative for patients with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. It is safe, effective, and takes less time to complete than inpatient detoxification. However, it would help if you visited a rehab center for physical and mental check-ups during this time of detoxification.

If you plan to free yourself from alcohol use disorder, but your condition is not yet severe, consider going for outpatient rehab near me. The doctor will administer medication to reduce the withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, and increased heart rate. You will also be monitored by professionals who can help you through your journey to sobriety.

Social Support during the Rehab Program

If you are a student or are working and need help to overcome any addiction you may have, searching for an outpatient rehab near me would be a brilliant idea. The outpatient rehabilitation program will let you continue living your everyday life. Most sessions are conducted in the evening, early morning, or even on weekends to allow you to continue with your daily work.

The program allows you to continue getting support from family and friends. In addition, you will also get more support from the twelve steps groups like the alcoholics anonymous. These support groups encourage participants to strive for sobriety. You can also consider an outpatient rehab if you have completed an inpatient rehab; it is perfect for continued recovery.

Different Types of Outpatient Rehab Programs

Once you go for assessment in an outpatient rehab near me, the state of your addiction will determine what type of outpatient rehab program you will join. There are three different types of outpatient rehab programs; your therapist will determine which one you will join depending on the severity of your addiction.

  • The standard outpatient program involves group or individual counseling, and the meetings are usually once a week.
  •   An intensive outpatient program- is the second type of outpatient rehab program; here, you visit the rehab facility three to five days a week, each session taking three to four hours. The services include family therapy, individual therapy, and medical management.
  • A partial hospitalization program involves visiting the rehab center three to five days a week attending a session lasting four to six hours each day. It offers the highest outpatient support, with medical management, individual therapy, group or family therapy.

Final Thought

Outpatient therapy is the best program to join while your addiction is still mild; it will help prevent more complicated situations in the future. It is cheap in terms of money and time spent at the rehab. If you are looking for help to regain your sobriety, outpatient rehab near me is the way to go. Get early treatment and save a life; your life.

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