What is the Healthiest Infant Formula?

If you’re experiencing problems breastfeeding, visit a lactation consultant (or at the very least, attend a La Leche League meeting!) before giving up. Breastfeeding is difficult for virtually everyone at first, but it gets easier with practise, so stick with it.

Best Baby Formula:

Donor Milk

Breast milk is always best, but if you can’t provide your baby with fresh breastmilk then another human mama’s milk may be just what they need. Unlike store-bought formula that often lacks live beneficial bacteria and antibodies which are necessary for optimal growth in young children (and other mammals), breastfeeding mothers emit a type of “colostrum” after giving birth that contains these critical nutrients – making it an excellent substitute until mom resumes producing her own supply again.

Store-bought Formula

What if you don’t feel like making your own formula? Let’s talk about the store-bought options. Unfortunately, even in organic foods there are sometimes necessities such as nutrients which can only come from synthetic sources; this is because of FDA regulations regarding what must be included on food labels and where they appear on packages (e.-g., top).

Here are a few of the components to avoid:

Lutein, which is derived from marigolds with hexane, Lycopene, which is made with toluene, a neurotoxic benzene derivative, Nucleotides, which are made from chemically treated yeast, Taurine, which is made with carcinogenic sulfuric acid, and L-Carnitine, which was forbidden by the National Organic Standards Board due to carcinogenic fears.

Online European Formulas

If You went with a formula milk, I’d look into the following three European formulations, which are safe and qualified as organic baby formula despite not having to include several synthetic chemicals as required by the FDA.

They don’t have as many fake nutrients or strange additives. They’re also devoid of brown rice syrup. HiPP formula is my favourite because it contains prebiotic fibres called galacto-oligosaccharides, which are derived from lactose (milk sugar) and are similar to those found in breastfeeding.

Homemade Baby Formula

As a new parent, one of your biggest concerns is how to provide for their baby. It can be daunting trying find the perfect solution that fits both you and them; but know this – there may actually already exist an option in DIY formula! This type of homemade liquid replica includes raw milk which parents rave about because it’s closer (but not quite) than breastmilk… plus they say making these themselves saves money too?”

Cow’s Milk Formula

Sally Fallon Morell, founder of Weston A. Price, and Dr. Mary G. Enig created this cow’s milk formula to match the nutrients contained in breast milk. This recipe, which yields 36 ounces and may be kept in the fridge for two days, is tried and true.

Liver-Based Formula

Some newborns are unable to consume any type of milk. So, if you’re looking for the greatest infant formula, try Weston A. Price’s liver-based formula. It resembles the nutrient profile of breast milk, much like the other recipes. Coconut oil is essential in this formula since it is the only source of the necessary medium-chain saturated fats found in milk. This recipe yields 36 ounces and keeps in the fridge for two days.

Similac Organic with Iron

The Similac Organic Formula with Iron is a crowd favorite among parents who want to avoid artificial growth hormones and the brand takes pride in using ingredients that make it close recreation of actual breast milk.

Bottom Line

Even while your breastmilk and colostrum are ideal for your baby, it is not always possible to nurse exclusively. Donor milk, homemade formula, and, as a last option, certain organic formulas can all help keep your kid alive and well.

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