What to Do When You Get Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in California

Safety must be your priority after an accident. But unfortunately, this is not easy for motorcyclists. Many motorcyclists are more likely to suffer severe injuries following an accident. Because of that, motorcyclists are usually not able to take the right steps, like the following:

1. Dial 911

Call the police to come to the scene immediately. If property damages cost more than $500, ensure you file a report.

A police report will be important in your effort to recover for the damages to your clothing, bike, or your physical injuries. 

Letting police officers know that an accident happened is vital for building a solid motorcycle accident case. Police will also keep records of your accident so they can be referenced later.

2. Contact the Right Lawyer

You can click here to talk to a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in California. It won’t matter if the other party is blaming you or not. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney in the state will guide you on the right steps.

Your attorney will also represent you and ascertain that you recover the reasonable compensation amount you deserve.

3. Get Medical Help

You must get treated following a motorcycle accident. Firstly, this is important for your well-being and health. You want to be better, and an excellent way to ensure you fully recover is by seeking medical help and following your doctor’s advice.

This also helps to prove your damages and injuries. Getting medical help and all the follow-up treatments will ensure you prove your damages and injuries.

4. Collect Evidence

While this may look like an uncivil step, collecting enough evidence regarding what happened for legal and insurance purposes will be a great idea. And if possible, request someone to use your smartphone to capture pictures and videos of the accident. This should be everything from your motorcycle to the bike or car you collided with.

Evidence, such as road signs, sun position, gravel, and skidmarks, are considered by insurers and legal teams. You may also ask for video footage from nearby buildings, which might have caught the motorcycle accident on camera.

5. Identify Potential Eyewitnesses

Mostly, the rider of another motorcycle or a car driver you collided with will first own up to their mistake in the scene but deny the fault later. And even worse than that, investigating police officers might not document identifying details about eyewitnesses.

Because of that, when you file a case, you will have no one to offer you support. In such a situation, the results of the case will rest on which rider or driver a judge chooses to believe.

A perfect way to prevent such a situation is to collect information about eyewitnesses while you are still at the motorcycle accident scene. The information needs to include the names, phone numbers, and addresses.

The Takeaway!

In order to protect your legal rights, you must speak to a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in California. The first consultation is free. And at the very least, your attorney will inform you about the wage loss and medical benefits you deserve from the at-fault party.

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