Why Have Coffee Machines Become a Workplace Essential?

If you are running a business, you know how significant it is to improve the work environment. Ultimately, employees are your most influential investment and you cannot stake their comfort. If your business manager is still under pressure finding ways to alter workspaces, an office coffee machine is a one-stop solution you must consider.

Who doesn’t love coffee? Most people love starting their day with hot coffee. For some, it is a routine and, for others, a therapy! Some may want coffee to kick start their day and some others need it during breaks. Be whatever the point, installing a coffee machine at your office ensures everyone gets the coffee they need, anytime!

Benefits of having an office coffee machine

Primely, coffee machines boost work culture and are one way to keep your employees engaged round the clock. Whether they have pressing deadlines, do overtime or start early in the morning, some coffee can help! Here is a list of ways your business benefits from installing a coffee machine,

1.Spurring productivity levels

Long working hours may indeed be exhausting and one may feel intimidated sticking to their chairs. The thumb rule is that constant breaks can help minds replenish and start better, feel more productive and focused. When you have office coffee machines installed, your employees get a chance to move out of their spaces, feel mobile, stretch and take a screen time break.

Further, coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant. As a result, the neurons skyrocket on functional levels leaving one with an enhanced brain function. Precisely, the result is, boosted focus, alertness, memory and energy!

2.Save Work Time

While work breaks are a routine in most workplaces, these intervals can go extended when your employees have to move outdoors to snack to grab some coffee. In such cases, delays on returning to work become pretty natural and unavoidable. A contingent situation in which you have no say can indeed affect your vital project completions.

 But when you have a coffee machine installed within the office, it saves travel time and keeps your employees stuck to the premises. Eventually, they can get back to work on time and any delays can now go for questioning!

3.Show them you care

Employee benefits, insurances and other pay services can aid in gaining employee loyalty. Adding to the list, when you get a coffee machine installed, you show your employees that you care for their health and enhance their mood at work.

Coffee has countless health benefits, from being antioxidant-rich to keep you away from brain and liver abnormalities. An instant snack, pain reliever, performance booster is what you will feed your employees. You are adding an employee perk!

4.Opens doors for socialisation

The coffee machine at work can turn into a space for some chit chats and informal talks. Eventually, your employees get to know each other well and develop coordinated communication with others.

Grabbing a coffee during breaks paves the way for small colleague meetings. Such catch-ups can also bring the best ideas to the table, discussed and delivered. As a result, team projects work better and there isn’t much uptime required for them to get acquainted.

5.It makes your workplace more welcoming!

Coffee machines at work don’t just benefit employees. It also attracts customers, as they might walk in anytime. Around 28% of Australians have more than three to four cups of coffee per day. If your office has stakeholders, clients or visitors showing up regularly, office coffee machines can make them feel welcomed. You also add a little bonus to customer experience and it does impact them returning to your services.

Author: Alison Lurie

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