5 Proper Ways to Maintain your Wood flooring

Wood flooring provides warmth and comfort in a home. Additionally, wooden floors elude a timeless style as they never go out of fashion. Though installing wood floors is slightly costly, they last for long as they are not subject to wear and tear, unlike carpets. Wooden floors are also advantageous for people who have pets or suffer allergic reactions as they do not harbor fleas, allergen-producing spores, and dust mites. You can maintain your wood flooring in the following ways.

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Refinishing keeps your wooden floors refined. Although refinishing your hardwood floors is messier and time-consuming, it comes with many benefits, including ensuring your wooden floors are more durable and improving the design of your home. Additionally, you can opt for floor sanding, which involves removing the old finish from the floor’s surface and applying a fresh coat of protective finishing product, giving your wood flooring that new and shiny look.

Wiping Away Wet Spills Immediately

Wiping away wet spills prevents your wood flooring from warping. A wet wooden floor may also buckle when large amounts of fluids are absorbed, leading to swelling of the planks. Even though your wood flooring may be sealed or waxed, chances are if you do not wipe away wet spills on time, it may absorb the moisture, which may cause great damage later on.

Avoid Using a Wet Mop or Any Abrasive Products

Using a dripping wet mop for your wood flooring will damage the floor in a short period. When cleaning your wooden floor, use a microfibre cloth as it is not too wet and cleans well. Also, when sweeping your wood flooring, use a soft-bristle broom as it’s gentle and will not scratch the finish of your hardwood floor. Though many abrasive products such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar work effectively on stubborn stains, you should never use them on your wood flooring. These cleaning products dissolve the lignin in the hardwood, can discolor your polished floor, and leave scratches on your wooden floor.

Always Use Felt Protector Pads

Felt protector pads are used on the bottom of the furniture to prevent scratching your wood flooring when moving your furniture. They come in various varieties, such as those having a self-adhesive back and others that have to be screwed in to fit your furniture securely. Felt protector pads act as a cushion between your furniture and the wood flooring, preventing scratches, marks, and dents when you move furniture.

Dust and Sweep Your Wooden Floor Daily

Dusting and sweeping your wooden floor lets you eliminate the dirt, allergens, pebbles, and other things you bring into your home on your shoes. This dirt can cause scratches and scuffs on the surface of your wood flooring. You can use any vacuum on your hardwood floor, but avoid using the beater bar as it is covered in bristles and spins around. To avoid dust and dirt build-up, you should invest in a floor mat to trap dirt before it gets to your wood flooring.

When you maintain your wooden floor, it will give you service for many years to come. By applying the above ways, your wood flooring will not only last longer but will always look new and nice every day.


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