5 Reasons You Should Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

Most people do not understand how a diamond can be grown in a lab. For that reason, they think that if something is manufactured, it is most likely fake. Today, we are here to let you know that a lab-grown diamond is as real as a mined diamond.

First, a lab-grown diamond has the same chemical composition, so much so that you couldn’t tell the difference when you have a lab-grown diamond and a mined one placed side by side. The only difference between the two is how they came to be. One was mined from the ground, and the other was manufactured in the lab.

Lab grown diamonds are meant to create a more ethical and less strenuous source of diamonds and, in turn, make the diamonds more affordable. Most people opt for lab-grown diamonds because they are both real and affordable. Therefore, you get a real diamond without breaking the bank. Below are some reasons you should buy lab-grown diamonds for that proposal.

Advantages of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

1.    Very High Quality and Purity

A lab-grown diamond is exposed to the same conditions that a natural diamond is exposed to, but this time it is done in a lab. The advantage of a lab-grown diamond is that scientists have come up with the purest way of making a diamond through years of research and experiments.

Therefore, a lab-grown diamond is superior in quality and purity to a natural diamond. Also, the scientists will use the purest diamond quality to come up with a manufacturing process. That means that all lab-grown diamonds that follow the process will be of the same standard.

New inventions also help improve the purity and quality of the diamond, which can only happen in lab-grown labs. Lab-grown diamonds almost always have higher quality and purity despite having the same chemical compositions. You can always confirm the innocence of a diamond before you buy using a diamond tester or submit it online to verify the stone in a certified laboratory.

2.    Lab-grown Diamonds Are Inexpensive

Mining diamonds is quite expensive and complicated. You need a lot of money to keep the equipment and the miners working. It is also risky, which calls for qualified and insured miners to get the diamonds to the surface. Once the diamond is out of the ground, there is another list of processes it has to go through to make jewelry.

Due to all the mining costs, natural diamonds are pretty expensive. Most people have to save for a year or more to afford even a small diamond stone. Lab-grown diamonds eliminate the complicated process and replace it with an automated lab process that requires less effort and money to extract.

Therefore, you can get a natural diamond without paying so much money that you have none left for other engagement aspects like photography and an event. Lab-grown diamonds give you value for money without crashing your bank account. When you compare the two, lab-grown diamonds are better in affordability.

3.    No Conflicts At All

The natural mining of diamonds creates a lot of conflict and controversy. Environmentalists are concerned about how much damage the process causes to the environment, and the humanitarians have their concerns too.

Diamond holes are some of the most significant holes dug into the ground. The process requires heavy machinery, immense amounts of fuel, and a lot of environmental destruction. Environmentally conscious people may not even purchase diamond jewelry because they fear it was not ethically mined.

With lab-grown diamonds having a known origin, people can now purchase diamonds without feeling like they support or fund environmental destruction. A lab-grown diamond uses a small amount of electricity compared to the amount of diesel that natural mining uses. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and do not infringe on any rights.

4.    Lab-Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds

No one wants to spend a fortune on a ring only to find out it has a fake stone. There are many cubic zirconias and white sapphire rings sold as diamonds. However, lab-grown diamonds are not fake. They are as real as a diamond can get.

These diamonds have the same composition, look, and feel as authentic as diamonds. Therefore, you will not feel short-changed when you buy a lab-grown diamond because it is also a real diamond. The only difference between the natural diamonds is sourcing, which impacts the price and works to your advantage.

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with a much more pleasing price tag. Therefore, buying lab-grown diamonds gives you a real diamond and leaves you just enough money to plan out the rest of the proposal. You can also get a higher carat stone because the price allows it.

5.    Lab-grown Diamonds Give You Better Value for Money

We already know that lab-grown diamonds are less labor intensive, which reduces the cost of production and the price of diamonds. That means that you can get a much bigger stone on your ring for the same price as a smaller natural diamond ring.

You can get the same quality at a much lower price, which gives you room to go for a higher carat diamond. Lab-grow diamonds allow you to purchase luxury jewelry for your loved ones at affordable prices. That makes them the best option for anyone looking for value in their jewelry collection.


The immense benefits of lab-grown diamonds have prompted many people to shift to the trend of buying these diamonds. Besides being ethically produced, diamonds are also affordable. Lab diamond growers also have noble purposes like supporting research and development in other fields like medicine.

Therefore, buying a lab-grown diamond does not just add a beautiful piece of jewelry to your collection. It also helps fund the future of humanity in different crucial sectors like computing and renewable energy.

The next time you want to buy diamond jewelry, compare the diamonds in the market to see which one fits your budget and serves all your needs. You can try lab-grown diamonds if you haven’t done it yet. You might end up liking them more than the natural ones.

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