Why You Should Buy $99 oz Canada Strains 

Do you want to buy $99 oz cannabis strains online? Let’s go over some of the reasons why buying this is a good idea.

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Reasons To Buy $99 Oz Strains

1 – Cheap

The most obvious reason is that $99 oz strains are cheap! Considering all the costs and time it takes to grow cannabis, it makes a lot of sense that you can just buy cheap cannabis that are of high quality without doing all the work.

This also depends on the value you put in your time. If you rather spend time after work relaxing, it is just better to buy cannabis to enjoy instead of spending hours to take care and grow these marijuana plants.

This is the same thinking when you go out to eat at a restaurant. Sure, you can always buy steak from a grocery store and cook it at home for a fraction of a price.

But then, you would have to spend the time cooking and prepping the steak. Then you have to wash the dishes afterwards. Sometimes, there is no harm in treating yourself once in a while.

2 – More Selection

There are so many cannabis strains out there that you may have trouble deciding which cannabis strains to smoke.

Well, $99 oz strains will make your choices much easier. This is because you are now able to try so many more cannabis products for a cheaper price.

In this way, you can really try all sorts of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains to narrow down your selection to your favorite ones.

After you find out what strains you like best, you can then start buying these strains bulk. You will save even more money doing this!

3 – Less Risk

When buying cannabis, it is sad when you buy something you don’t like.

It is just wasteful if you throw it out. However, with $99 oz strains, you will not be wasting much money at all even if you don’t like the cannabis strain.

There is less risk when less money is involved.

Tell me, would you feel more sad to waste $500 on a bulk cannabis product that you don’t like or $99?

The answer is clear as day.

Spend small amounts of money on new cannabos products to see if you really like it first.

If you do, you can always buy more. If you don’t like it, no harm done!


Have you decided on wanting to buy $99 oz strains after reading this article?

Why or what not? Let us know down in the comments below!

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