6 Reasons to Choose Deakin University

Deakin University is one of the most popular universities in Australia. Every year, many students choose Deakin University as their study destination. Why do so many people choose to study at Deakin University? There are 6 main reasons.

1. The world’s leading scientific research center

– Deakin University of Australia ranks in the top 1% of the global university rankings, and ranks in the top 10 in Australia;

– Deakin University in Australia was rated as “Australian Five-Star University” by QS Times Education, which shows that Deakin University is known internationally for its scientific research and teaching level; it has advanced teaching and research equipment and provides a good learning environment;

– 89% of the research conducted by Deakin University in Australia has been rated as a world-class research project;

– Being a leader in graduate satisfaction in the Victorian Postgraduate Survey (2010-2015) and the QILT Teaching Quality Survey (2016-2018) for eight consecutive years.

– 5 researchers in Deakin University were included in the list of the most cited researchers in Thomson Reuters’ annual academic journals in 2015, ranking among the top 1% of researchers in this field.

2. The world’s leading faculty team

Deakin University in Australia has a high-quality faculty, and its faculty level is comparable to any higher education institution in Australia and abroad. One-third of the university’s faculty and staff have overseas academic qualifications, of which a high proportion of employees have doctorate degrees. Deakin’s faculty team are all respected and recognized leaders in their research fields. They are keen on supporting and guiding students, devoting their time, energy and resources to provide the best tutoring and help for every student in school.

3. Advanced research and teaching facilities

Deakin University in Australia has a number of research bases built with tens of millions of Australian dollars to promote the common development of the country and the international community, including:

– Deakin University Community Health and Medical Center (REACH): Establish a practical working environment for students in the Department of Health;

– Geelong High-tech Technology Park: Deakin University focuses on research and development in the fields of materials science, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental engineering, manufacturing, and agricultural products processing;

– Advanced Engineering Design and Development Center (CADET): digital manufacturing, rapid model making, 3D model making and visualization processing technology;

– Australian Carbon Fiber Research and Innovative Technology Research and Development Center (AFFRIC): Deakin University Carbon Fiber Research Center is an important part of international fiber science and material science;

– Animation capture studio: Deakin University in Australia has the best animation capture studio in Australia, combining technology and art to create a number of excellent films and promotional films;

– Multi-beam sonar system research ship: Deakin University provides the world’s most advanced multi-beam sonar system dedicated research ship “Yolla” for marine biology researchers and marine biology students.

4. Provide generous scholarships

In order to help more students have access to the world’s leading faculty and teaching equipment, Deakin University provides a large number of scholarship options for international students, such as:

– Deakin University President Scholarship (tuition fee reduction 50%-100%)

– Deakin University International Student Scholarship (Tuition fee reduction 25%)

– Warrnambool campus international student scholarship (tuition fee reduction 20%)

– Scholarship of the School of Science, Engineering and Built Environment (tuition fee reduction 20%)

– Deakin University MBA Management Program (20% tuition reduction)

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5. Participate in national joint research cooperation

By joining Deakin University, you will join a global research collaboration project. Deakin University encourages its students to attend multi-national academic research exchange seminars and have direct dialogues with famous domestic and foreign research scholars. You will not only get financial help from the university, but also build a global network of partnerships for you.

6. Multiple academic research fields

As a well-known comprehensive institution of higher learning, Deakin University in Australia has four departments: the Department of Arts, Humanities and Education, the Department of Business and Law, the Department of Health, and the Department of Science and Engineering and the Built Environment. It is ranked in the world’s 100 in multiple disciplines, including: Architecture and Environmental Construction, Business, Design and Communication Arts, Education, Information Technology and Engineering, Nutrition, Medicine and Nursing, Psychology and Sociology, Sports Science.

Deakin University in Australia provides students with world-class faculty and teaching equipment, cultivates innovative thinking, builds a smart campus, focuses on student services, and provides employment guidance. It is undoubtedly a good choice for students.

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