All About America’s Favorite Dog: The History of Golden Retrievers 

The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Their temperament, life expectancy, and heritage make them the perfect companion and family dog. If you want to know more about the history of America’s favorite dog, keep reading.

Scottish origins

If you have been looking at golden retriever puppies for sale online, you have probably come across something stating that their Scottish origins have made them sturdy, hardworking, and muscular dogs. These are good traits to have in a dog that can stand the test of time with you and your family.

The origin story of golden retrievers says that Lord Tweedmouth, also known as Dudley Marjoribanks, lived in the Guisachan House with golden retrievers. 

Lord Tweedmouth is responsible for the Tweed Water Spaniel because he started with a golden retriever with a wavy coat named Nous and then bred the pups to make the Tweed Water Spaniel. The golden retriever is a descendant of the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. 

Temperament and attitude

Golden retrievers are relatively mild-mannered and easy to get along with in temperament and attitude. They are outgoing, trustworthy, eager to please, and easily trained. They make the perfect family dog due to these attributes. Golden retrievers are often happy and playful, so you can expect them to keep their puppy-like sense of humor well into adulthood. 

This breed is known to love activity and play. Golden retrievers are energetic and playful, which makes them the perfect companion for a long hike or outdoor exploration session. Hunting waterfowl, swimming, and playing fetch are enjoyable activities for the golden retriever.

Life expectancy and average size

Golden retrievers are considered sporting dogs that are of medium to large size. Males grow 23–24 inches tall, while females grow 21.5–22.5 inches tall. Males weigh about 65–75 pounds as adults, and females weigh about 55–65 pounds when fully grown. 

Their medium to double-length coat is light to dark gold. It’s essential to remember that they are not considered hypoallergenic, and they are moderate shedders. You can expect a healthy adult golden retriever to live 10-12 years. 

Physical traits

Golden retrievers are easy to recognize because their fur is golden, as the name suggests, and they have certain traits that set them apart from other breeds. 

They have broad heads with friendly eyes, their ears are short, and their muzzle is straight. All of these physical traits are characteristic of the breed. Even though they are big and strong, they move with a grace you wouldn’t expect from a bigger dog. Their feathery tail is another indicator of their breed.

Final thoughts 

Golden retrievers are considered America’s favorite dog, and it is easy to see why. With their long-standing reputation of being eager-to-please, energetic, and friendly pets, it is no wonder people want to make them permanent members of their families.

Perhaps you have been inspired by the ball-retrieving dogs at Wimbledon, or you want to find a pet who will enjoy an ice cream with you from Aldi. Golden retrievers make the best life partners and pets.

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