Choosing the Right Bathroom Basin Made Easier

Bathroom basins are also an essential part of the bathroom, and the type of basin you choose can affect how well the water drains and how much splatters on you as well as how spacious it appears. Basins can make your bathroom look extremely well put together, or they can ruin the whole aesthetic. You can purchase stunning bathroom basins from great places such as Victoria Plum.

Different Types of Bathroom Basins

Full Pedestal

This is the type of basin that is trendy in the market. You have to attach the basin to the wall, and the pedestal will hide the plumbing for you. Similar to a wall-hung toilet, your toilet will start to look like it has extra space; thus, it is an excellent addition for small bathrooms to enhance space.

Semi Pedestal

This is another basin that is also quite popular in the market for its contemporary look. This type of basin also attaches to the wall as well to hide the plumbing that it appears to be minimalist.

Washstand Basins

This is a more traditional style basin and is a great way to create the illusion that your bathroom has a lot of space. It even has a frame that allows you to hang your towels on it, making your bathroom look elegant. The plumbing is usually exposed in this type of basin, so you will have to purchase a bottle trap as it does so much more than just make it look great.

Semi Recessed

A semi-recessed basin can pair well with shelves or other matching bathroom furniture for a stylish look. The basin has a rounded-smooth edge and will look perfect in almost every bathroom as it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes in the market.

Countertop Basin

This sort of basin is also known as a sit-on bowl, and it usually sits atop a shelf. It pairs up with wall-mounted basin taps or even tall basin taps. These kinds of basins are also available in various designs, shapes, and sizes.

Wall Hung Basin

Another great way to create space within the bathroom, this basin does not touch the bathroom floor and goes directly on the wall. You can fit in a cabinet right underneath it to have more storage space for bathroom essentials.

Corner Basin

This basin usually fits into a right-angle corner of any room and can be a great addition to small bathrooms. This type of basin is an affordable and practical solution for any problems you may have with space. It will be perfect for a compact type of bathroom.


Bathroom basins will be available for you in all different types of shapes and sizes. What you choose depends on how great it looks within the area of your bathroom. Basins are not a complicated matter, and you can rest assured that regardless of the type of basin you purchase, you will have a functioning basin that won’t splash the water all over you.

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