Common Rodent Problems in Dubbo Australia

Earlier in 2021, New South Wales made international news thanks to the constant battle against mice. One Dubbo resident posted a video on Twitter and said that the 14 traps she had around the house still wasn’t enough to control the problem. If you live in Dubbo, you’re probably aware of the mice infestations that affected thousands of people on the Eastern side of Australia. 

While homeowners are facing a constant battle to keep their homes mouse-free, shop owners are entering their stores in the morning to find filled traps and eaten groceries. Another story surfaced of a shop owner having to use thick containers while reducing stock and hiding items away overnight. 

Sadly, this may be a returning problem in Dubbo as 2021 draws to a close. For many years, the region experienced a drought, and this led to problems with crops. However, the wet season recently was a successful one. As well as leading to a bumper year for crops, this accommodated a much larger mouse population. While the problem started in the north, it quickly spread southwards ever since. 

If you haven’t been affected so far, count yourself lucky. Some homeowners are catching dozens of mice every single night. Meanwhile, others are having to get their appliances fixed after mice climb into them and die. 

Additionally, mice are getting into hay bales on farms. As soon as mice get into hay, it can no longer be used for sheep, cows, and other animals. Therefore, the farmers have no option but to destroy them. According to the mayor of Coonamble, farmers in this one location have lost $40m thanks to the mouse plague. 

If you’ve been affected by the mice plague in Dubbo, know that professional services exist if you’re having trouble managing the problem. Dentec Pest control services in Dubbo have experience, equipment, and the right strategies to help your home or business. 

While the mouse plague is the biggest problem for residents in Dubbo right now, it’s not the only pest. Elsewhere, you may have a European wasp nest in your home. Common in New South Wales, it’s important to call a professional service because European wasps can sting and cause safety concerns for you and your family. 

Next, fruit-spotting bugs are another common nuisance but this time in the commercial world. Feeding on flowers, fruit, and young plants, the commercial production of vine fruits and other trees are commonly affected. In one recorded incident, a farm lost over 50% of its crops because of FSBs. 

After this, others in NSW have encountered issues with the yellow crazy ant. While they might seem small, they’re highly invasive and can impact the nearby environment through supercolonies. When untreated, yellow crazy ants impact both the environment and the economy. Therefore, this is another insect that needs targeting from a professional service. 

Other potential pests include locusts, Queensland fruit fly, wingless grasshoppers, red imported fire ants. 


While these insects certainly cause a problem, it’s nothing compared to the current rodent issues spreading across NSW. While the problem has reduced somewhat compared to earlier in 2021, Australian farmers are already showing concerns about a potential return. In all, the mouse plague earlier in the year caused $100 million worth of damage. While winter dealt with many, farmers are starting to notice the early signs of a second wave. 

If you need help with a rodent problem or want to prevent a potential next mouse infestation from affecting your home or business, get advice early from an experienced service! 

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