Famous NFL Players Who Were Successful In The Entertainment Industry

The NFL is a top football league in the US with two major conferences, and the best teams face off for the world championship. Once you know and understand this league, you can make NFL picks

The NFL is one of the major football leagues in Canada and the United States, which has produced many successful players, but in the long run, some players switch to the entertainment industry. We all know that football careers are short, so some guys barely play as pros, and some don’t even make it that far, where their career ends in college. 

However, some of these players go back into regular life, and some turn to be commentators or analysts on TV, but others switch to acting. There is a space for big guys in football. Therefore, some famous NFL players were successful in the entertainment industry; below are these players.

Bubba Smith

Bubba Smith is one of the famous NFL players who was born on the 28th of February, 1945, and died on the 3rd of August, 2011. During his time, he wears the numbers 78 and 77, where he plays the defensive role. He was one of the top NFL expert picks.

Smith was 6 ft 7 in ( 2.01m) and weighed 265 lb (120kg). His full name is Charles Aron Smith, but he is commonly known as Bubba Sith. he became prominence at Michigan State University, where he twice earned All-American honors on the Spartans football team. 

However, he played for nine years in the NFL with the Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders for one year, and Houston Oilers for one year. He later switched to the entertainment industry, specializing in acting in comedic roles in film, television, and television advertising. 

After he retired from football, he appeared in various commercials for Miller Lite, where he played Moses Hightower in the first series of Police Academy movies.

Fred Williamson

Fred Williamson is another Famous NFL player who was successful in the entertainment industry. He is an actor and former professional American football player who played the defensive role and was a top player in the 1960s. 

Williamson was an incredible player that made it into the top NFL predictions. Aside from football, he was known for his film career, starring Tommy Gibbs in the 1973 crime drama Black Caesar and its sequel Hell Up in Harlem.   

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is also an American former professional football player who plays the quarterback role for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. He is also successful in the entertainment industry, being an actor and a recording artist, where he has participated in several television shows and films. 

He co-starred in the movie Failure to Launch and released several country music albums. As a player of Pittsburgh, he played 14 seasons where he won four Super Bowl titles in six years.  

John David Washington

John David Washington is an Actor, producer, and football player. John played football at Morehouse College before he signed for the St. Louis Rams in 2006 as an undrafted free agent.

He spent a few years as the running back for the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Like his father, Denzel Washington, he shifted his career into acting, and his mother, Pauletta. 

He was awarded the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations. He was part of the HBO comedy series’s main cast and played a role in Spike Lee’s 2018 crime film BlacKkKlansman as Ron Stallworth. 

Jim Brown

Jim Bown is another famous NFL player that is successful in the entertainment industry.  He is a former player, sports analyst, and actor.  As a player, he plays the fullback role for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL between 1957-1965. 

He was a top fullback in the history of the NFL. He began his acting career before the 1964 season when he played a buffalo solder in a Western action film called Rio Conchos. 

Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers is a former professional NFL player who became successful in the entertainment industry. His most notable role was when he played Apollo Creed in the first Rocky films from 1976 to 1985. 

After that, he was George Dillion in Predator in 1987. He also acted in the Action Jackson movie in 1996, Little Nicky (2000), and he voiced Combat Carl in the Toy Story movie franchise. 

Carl also portrayed Detective Beaudreaus in the television series Street Justice (1991-93) and many more. He played his football career for Oakland Raiders as a free agent in 1970 and BC Lions team.

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