The World’s Best Cities for Casino Entertainment for 2022

One of the greatest things about gambling is the fact that you can use it as an excuse to travel around the world and visit some of the best casinos in the process.  Visiting and gambling in these casinos is also a chance to see some of the best tourist destinations there are.

Most cities that are great for gamblers are also centers of entertainment and there’s a lot to do and see while visiting even if you don’t plan to gamble at all. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also known as gambling capital of the world and there’s a reason why that is the case. It’s the center of the gambling world or at least it has been for a very long time since Nevada allowed for gambling and the city grew around it. 

There are over 70 land-based casinos in Vegas and they operate 24/7. There are also countless entertainment venues, shows, concerts, restaurants, and every other entertainment working at all times, as well. Vegas also offers plenty of options for small-time gamblers as well as those who are looking to visit on a budget. 


Barcelona isn’t always thought of as a city that you should visit for its casinos. It’s the second-largest city in Spain and one of the most beautiful ones. The city is known for its culture, arts, and beautiful architecture. It also has a bit of a hipster vibe at least as of late. 

However, it’s also the gambling capital of Spain and of this region of the world as well. They provide both classic gambling games and many new ones or at least new ones from the perspective of European gamblers. 


A lot has been written about the miracle of Singapore’s economy. This small Asian state has managed to create its own unique political and economic system and it has led to incredible growth. A big part of this is the fact that the region is the gambling hub for all of Asia. 

The casinos are made to mimic those of Las Vegas and that’s the look and feel of Singapore – it’s a sin city with something to do 24/7 even if you don’t gamble. At this point, games that are popular in Asia, such as baccarat, are still more popular than the western gambling games, but they are catching up as more Western players come to Singapore. Do check out world cup betting Singapore.


Macau is a city with a unique and complex history that has allowed it to become an important destination for gamblers across the world. It’s technically a part of China but it has its own separate laws and regulatory bodies. That’s why gambling is legal in Macau and it benefits from the economy booming in the region.

The casinos of Macau are just as huge and lavish as those of Las Vegas. There are also games that cater to both western and Asian gamblers, with baccarat still being the most popular game.

Monte Carlo

The microstate of Monte Carlo is one of the most popular gambling destinations in Europe, but one that caters to the very rich exclusively. It’s also described as a tax haven and the whole economy of the microstate is designed to attract the elites of the world for a time of indulgence and lavish spending.

When you actually get into the casino, you’ll find a typical establishment that also allows for small bets and playing low stake games. Some machines accept bets as low as $5, but there’s little chance that someone willing to spend $5 per bet will visit Monte Carlo.


Reno has always tried to be the counterpart and competitor to Vegas. It has managed to do so in terms of the service it offers, but maybe not in terms of the popularity it has in the popular imagination. The casinos are just as lavish and flashy and they offer every game you can find in Vegas. 

The most popular game played in Reno is probably slots, but there are countless others, including some of the newer games – like baccarat, that are finding their way to the western markets. 


London is also one of the cities that everyone has on their bucket list, but not a city that’s usually thought of as one for gambling. However, there are a few large and exclusive casinos in London that have the special permit needed to legally gamble in the UK. These are on the high-end side of the gambling world, and that’s the clientele they attract as well.

While you’re in London you should also experience the city itself since it truly is one of the greatest in the world. The art, the history, and the unique urban aesthetic that goes back for centuries will keep you occupied for weeks. 

Don’t Focus on Casinos Alone

All of the cities we mentioned have great casinos and offer everything that you can expect from a gambling establishment. However, that’s not the only thing you should focus on when visiting and choosing where to go. You should treat the trip as a vacation. 

Try to visit the cities that you want to get to know and enjoy while you’re not gambling. Divide your time between the casinos and sightseeing so that you can enjoy both and spend time with your family in the process. All of the cities on our list allow for that.

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