How to Build a Sexual Abuse Case Against a Church

Suppose you were abused sexually as a young person and are now an adult. In that case, you may still file a claim against the perpetrator and their employer, provided you meet several criteria. These criteria include meeting the time frame allowed for filing and making sure you can build a solid case for yourself.

If the case involves a filing against a church, you’ll need to contact a lawyer dealing with, for example, lds sexual abuse claims. Speak to an experienced and well-qualified attorney who can assist you in determining if you can file a claim and if so, can help you plan a winning strategy.

Talking to a Sexual Abuse Lawyer about Your Case

To build a case using the services of a sexual abuse lawyer, you need to provide information about the location of the abuse, the nature of the activity, when the abuse happened, and when the discovery was made that you’d been abused.

Some adult victims do not realize they were abused until they go through drug rehab and counseling or seek psychological help for a mental disorder (post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therefore, cases involving this type of victimization have a different timeline for filing than other cases.

However, that does not mean you should wait to make a filing. The sooner you address the situation, the better. Speak to a lawyer who is well versed in sexual abuse cases and knows how to navigate the court system and reach settlements.

Building a Winning Case: What You’ll Need to Show

To build your case, you’ll need to provide evidentiary material in the form of bills and medical records related to the abuse. For example, if you paid out of pocket to receive counseling for the mental anguish you’ve experienced or paid for drug rehab, these activities signify costs where you’re entitled to damages.

The money for this case will not come from the funds used to subsidize the church’s programs. Instead, the compensation will be paid from processing insurance claims or the sale of a church’s property or assets.

Receiving a Just and Equitable Settlement

This type of case is a form of a personal injury claim. You don’t owe any legal costs until your lawyer reaches a settlement and wins your case. Therefore, you’re not obligated to pay your legal advisor in full until they have negotiated the amount you’ll receive in compensatory damages.

To strengthen your case against sexual abuse in a church, your attorney may show how the authorities in the church did nothing to punish the sexual offender. While they may have been aware that the defendant was molesting children, they did nothing to solve the problem.

To ensure you receive fair treatment and compensation, you must share the details of the incident and include how the abuse affected you physically and mentally. In some cases, you’ll need to ask for damages for lost wages or the compensation you surrendered because the abuse led to problems with getting employed.

Get the Legal Help You Need Now

You have it in your power to go forward with your life and receive an equitable settlement for pain and emotional suffering and the other damages related to sexual abuse. Speak to a lawyer today to learn more about how you can initiate a claim and how much you’re entitled to in compensation.

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