How to Increase Product Demand with Paid Search 

No matter what type of product your company sells, the only way to boost sales and increase revenue is to make more people want to buy it. This simplistic explanation of product demand masks what is a complex field of marketing techniques and advertising strategies. Amid all other advertising methods, paid search is still one of the most effective for direct audience engagement and sale boosting power. It takes a lot more than basic keyword research and tracking data to make pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have a significant impact on marketing your product to meet overall sales and growth goals. 

To increase product demand with paid search, you need to explore the best ways to streamline your advertising and get the most for your money. This guide focuses on product introductions and interests, the necessary launch points for eventual profits, rather than newsletter sign-ups, click-through rates to landing pages, or sales. 

Established Google Ads and other PPC ad accounts now have more options to directly drive paid search results to pages and products. Digital Authority Partners recommends different paid search selections based on the target audience and your end goal for the click. 

Broad Match Search Leverage 

Different keyword matches have appeared over the past few years and have given online marketers options for reaching potential customers. The lines between exact, phrase, and broad match modifiers have blurred. 

Broad match is now the default that all your keywords are assigned and now offers a middle-of-the-road opportunity with expansive reach and often more budget-friendly results. These changes make it popular for PPC campaigns focused on product introduction and attention. 

Broad matches work better these days because of the AI and ML systems in charge of matching the people’s searches with results. The new focus of the algorithm in Google’s BERT update and beyond points to a higher understanding of language than ever before. The systems can now understand what phrases mean with increased accuracy even if they are unclear or do not use all the necessary words. Since this understanding is imperfect, it makes sense to narrow down your targets even more by increasing your negative keyword lists

Google and other search engines want to deliver relevant results. Broad match allows them to do this with greater accuracy, so it makes sense for advertisers to choose this option. It works incredibly well for longer-tail keyword phrases. The only real downside is the possibility of using up your budget too quickly because you will have more matches to the keywords you input. 

Increase Reach With Dynamic Search Ads 

Attracting attention to different products and brand-new product lines presents a challenge that some tried-and-true PPC methods cannot touch. On the other hand, dynamic search ads help increase coverage and get attention on individual pages or products that may not be around forever. However, it is essential to understand the best methods for building campaigns to do this effectively. 

Forget pointing paid search to pages full of information like About Us, Shipping Info, and Contact forms. These may appear under broad search campaigns but do little to build excitement about the products themselves. People usually look at them after they have already shopped on the site for a while. Instead, focus on category pages and move products into different ad groups based on their type or the target audience most likely to purchase them. 

Since this type of paid search is, by definition, dynamic and not something you set and forget, you must constantly refine your strategy for making bids. Pay attention to your cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS) over time and adjust the target products and categories to maximize returns. It makes sense to focus on what works and push most of your budget in that direction. 

Unique Options from Paid Search Platforms 

Google Ads, MS Ads, and other popular platforms offer much more than simple clicks on keywords. A push for more comprehensive marketing strategy coverage gives you more options to increase product demand, including various social and promotional efforts that will cleverly target your precise audience. You need to define your audience, build compelling content and copy, and combine everything with a sufficient budget for success. 

When you choose to use automatic bidding, you allow Google to adjust the cost of your PPC ad based on the odds of getting a click or conversion. There are varying strategies, each of which is designed to help your business meet a specific goal. 

One new option is Google’s Discovery campaigns, which appear in various ways on Gmail, YouTube feeds, and more. These match Facebook and other social media ads in many ways and use automatic bidding to make the process simpler. These paid search ads work well for brand recognition, and more specific product interest remarketing and hopefully increase conversion. 

For marketers who use MS Ads, the audience ads option does something similar to Google’s Discovery campaigns. People see the MS and homepage, feeds, and Outlook advertisements. They can be integrated into existing campaigns or set up as something separate to target different audiences. 

Search advertising on YouTube is a common and effective way to reach almost any demographic. They have hundreds of millions of views every day, and they are constantly expanding into new opportunities like movies, TV shows, and shopping. Online retailers can use new product tag features to boost interest and make more sales. Google Ads users already have the option to expand their reach onto YouTube with ease. 

You already know that video marketing is a powerful way to get the details out about your brand or offers. Using paid search in conjunction with this popular medium makes sense. No matter what type of product your company sells, targeted ads in video content can impact your bottom line.

Paid search plays a huge role in increasing product demand and making positive changes across the board for companies. By leveraging different opportunities in Google Ads and other PPC platforms, you have a greater chance of getting the attention your products need to become moneymakers for your brand.

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