Internet users are increasing in Pakistan

The Internet is one of the most important part of human life in the world. Now a days you can access any single piece of information with the help of the internet. You can communicate with anyone in the world with the help of the internet. You can do this easily just by connecting to the internet. It is a global network. The Internet is also providing so many other activities like shopping, entertainment, chatting, audio and video calling, online movies, gaming, and financial services. This is the reason why internet users are increasing day by day. According to the latest statics, there is around about 8 billion population in the world and approximately 6 billion people are using the internet and still these statics increasing day by day. Now Zong internet packages are so cheap. The Package includes 60GB of internet along with SMS and call minutes.

Like this, the number of users of the internet is also increasing in Pakistan. In this digital world, people don’t have time to go outside they like to buy things online and find ways of entertainment on the internet. The most important thing is the internet is a big source of earning and the youth like to work on the internet instead of physical work. There is also a big number of students on the internet who is using the internet for education and many educational institutes are providing online course and online classes. There are so many people who came on the internet in 2019 and the reason is the coronavirus. People are jobless and they move to the internet and start online businesses likewise educational start online classes.

In the below graph, you can see how much internet users increase in Pakistan.

After 2019 there is a big change in the number of internet users in Pakistan and India as compared to 2000-2015. According to the latest resources, there are 83.4 million people are using the internet in Pakistan. There are 54%, about 76% of Pakistan are connected to the internet and are from big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore. Here are some statics that shows how much the people of Pakistan are spending time on the internet. You can also check Jazz Internet Packages. According to the resources, there are 66% of internet users are from urban areas and the remaining 34% are from rural areas. And 46% of people in Pakistan are connecting to the internet on daily basis.

The youngsters of Pakistan are early adaptors because they are trying to get information about new things and for study purposes. Youtube and TikTok carry 90% of internet users in Pakistan. These two platforms are a big source of entertainment and earning purposes. People take any type of information through YouTube.

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