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Jazz gives various types of 4G convenient gadgets in Pakistan. Each jazz 4G device has its own reach, force, and capacity. However, Jazz gives the same net bundles/offers for all WiFi devices. Here we will attempt to expand the 4G devices features and Internet bundles:

Jazz 4G Devices

  • Jazz Super 4G WiFi
  • Jazz Super 4G Wingle
  • Jazz Home WiFi

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9/10 Our Score


  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: 2300mAh Lithium battery
  • Speed: 4G Speed upto 150Mbps
  • Weight: 175g
  • Price: Rs. 3600/-
  1. Plug and Play (No Installation)
  2. WPS WiFi Enable
  3. Micro SD Card Supportd upto 32 GB

Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device

8.5/10 Our Score


  • Material: Plastic (Sleek USB)
  • Battery: No Battery Consumption
  • Speed: 4G Speed upto 150Mbps
  • Weight: 123g
  • Price: Rs. 3000/-
  1. Plug and Play (No Installation)
  2. Micro SD Card Supportd upto 32 GB
  3. Can Connect upto 12 Devices at Same-time

Jazz 4G Home WiFi Device

Top Pickup
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Material: Plastic Modem Body
  • Battery: No Battery just Plugin(Need 12 Volts AC/DC)
  • Speed: 4G Speed upto 150Mbps
  • Weight: 196g
  • WiFi Range: upto 120 Meter
  • Price: Rs. 5500/-
  1. WiFi Router
  2. Can Connect upto 20 Devices at Same-time

Jazz 4G Device Monthly Internet Packages

Package Name: Price (inc. Tax) Volume Duration Activation Code
Regular Rs. 1750/- 60 GB [30GB (1 AM – 1 PM) 30 Days *117*73#
Mega Rs. 2000/- 100 GB [50GB (1 AM – 1 PM) 30 Days *117*36#
Heavy Rs. 2500/- 150 GB [75GB (1 AM – 1 PM) 30 Days *117*74#

Jazz 4G Device Other Bundles

Package Name: Price (inc. Tax) Volume Duration Activation Code
3 Month Bundle Rs. 5500/- 50 GB 90 Days *117*15#
6 Month Rs. 12000/- 100 GB 180 Days *117*16#
North LBC Rs. 1500/- 70 GB *117*65#
South LBC Rs. 999/- 36 GB 01 Month *117*81#
Karachi LBC Rs. 2000/- 1000 GB 01 Month *117*80#

LBC Offer is valid only in few Cities.

Valid Cities

Jazz 4G Welcome Back Offer

Jazz provides free 15GB from 6 a.m to 6 p.m for reactivation customers. Suppose you have not used your data or MBB device SIM for a long time, then reactive again and get 15 GB free 4G lightspeed Internet. Further, on a recharge of 300, you will get an additional 20 GB for 7 days. Same as upon recharge of 1000, you will get 50 GB for 30 days.

  • Those users only can avail of the Welcome Back Offer who have not used their MBB or OCN number for 90 days.
  • Clients can avail of the offer multiple times within 90 days after reactivation.
  • Both MBB and OCN numbers are eligible to subscribe to the offer.
  • Clients can be subscribed to the offer by dialing the code *6363*8#. Further, you can access details about the bundle via a code *6363*4#.
  • 6363 Menu can also be accessible from Jazz Prepaid SIM and Jazz 4G device.
  • Clients can also dial the code by login into their Device webpage.

Regular Jazz 4G Device Offer

Jazz 4G regular device offers its client 60GB high-speed Internet in which 30GB can be useable from 1 a.m to 1 p.m. The offer can be subscribed via a code *117*73#. Further, you can also check the bundle’s remaining status by dialing the code *117*73*2#. And If you want to unsubscribe from the bundle, dial *117*73*4#.

Jazz 4G Mega Offer

In the event that the quantity of clients is colossal, you without a doubt need to go for Mega Offer, which gives 100GB quickest 4G web only for 2000 rupees, 50GB is open between 1 a.m to afternoon 1 p.m. The offer subscription code is *117*36#, and the status code is *117*36*2#. You can deactivate the bundle any time through *117*36*4#.

Jazz 4G Heavy Device Offer

Mobilink Jazz doesn’t disregard clients who utilize the web excessively, similar to consultants, bloggers, or possibly downloading sweethearts. For that, Jazz brings the Heavy 4G device offer, which gives 150GB of lightspeed web in return for 2500 rupees. Albeit, 75GB is just useable from the 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also, staying 75GB can be utilized 24 Hours for the entire 30 schedule days.

General Terms & Conditions: Click Here


In the last, we can say that we have tried our best to explore all the details regarding the Jazz 4G device, their Internet bundles. You can visit the official Jazz website and order the Jazz device as well. For further information you can connect with us in the comment box.

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