Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer – Price & Subscription Code

The most underrated Jazz Monthly Super Duper plus offer offers an ideal combo of Jazz 4G Internet, Minutes, and SMS for the whole 30 days only for Rs. 977/ – rupees as it were.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer Code

Price: Rs. 977/- (including Tax)
Internet: 15000 MB
On-Net Minutes5000 Jazz Minutes
Off-Net Mints300 other Networks
Duration:30 Days
Subscription Code:*707#
  • Bundle Status Code: *707*2#.
  • Deactivation Code: *707*4#.
  • Offer Info: *707*3#


With the Super duper Plus offer, use lightspeed 4G web for Social Apps, Browsing, and download and transfer anything inside the 15GB territory. Enough Jazz to Jazz Call minutes can make you talk effectively with your friends and family, Local organizations minutes, and SMS for all networks. The Monthly Super Duper Plus offer can be subscribed through *707#.

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What amount balance needed to subscribe to the offer?

It might be ideal on the off chance that you recharged Rs 1100/ -. After some General Tax derivation, you will have left sufficient balance to subscribe to the offer. If you lack balance, you can get the balance from your friends using the Jazz balance Share method.

Jazz also gives its users a facility to customize their own Bundle according to their needs with MYOB if they do not feel comfortable with Jazz Packages.

Terms and Condition:

  • This offer is unsalvageable, and clients should redial *707# to profit from the offer more than once.
  • Throughout the minutes will be posted at the hour of membership and will end at 23:59 on the 30th schedule day.
  • Before the lapse, Company will notify users through SMS.
  • Jazz SMS/Minutes/Data will be usable 24 hours per day (no time limit).
  • Limited time offer, it is liable to change whenever.
  • Information MBs are for 2G/3G/4G.
  • No Call setup charges would be appropriate.

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