Jazz Make Your Own Bundle – 01 Day, Weekly & Monthly

Mobilink Jazz gives a Facility to make Your own bundle dependent on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. You can customize your package according to Minutes, SMS, and Internet MB’s with MYOB.

Jazz Make Your Own Bundle Code

Subscription Code

MYOB Offer Details

  • With Make Your Own Bundle Daily Limit: customers can set up a maximum of 1440 Jazz to Jazz call Minutes, 300 other network Mins, 1000 MBs, and 1500 SMS for a day. Daily Status Code: *303*1#.
  • For Weekly Subscription: Maximum Limit is 3000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 1000 different network Mins, 10,000 MBs, and 2500 SMS for all networks. 10,000 MBs can be useable as Weekly Social Bundle, and as a Weekly Internet offer just because of Huge volume. Weekly Status Bundle: *303*7#.
  • For Monthly Subscription: Users can choose up to 6000 on-Net, 1000 different networks, 15000 MBs, and 10000 Jazz SMS bundle for all networks. Monthly Status Code: *303*30#.

Firstly you have to select Jazz Minutes, Other Network Minutes, MBs, and then SMS. You entertain Jazz all in one bundle with the help of MYOB. Jazz Internet volume can be useable for the Social Apps, Browsing, and can download and upload within the desired amount.

Make Your own Bundle Price:

Jazz Make Your Own daily Bundle price for the lowest desired bundle is Rs. 28.95/-, and the price of highest desired bundle is 462.79/-.

The starting and the lowest price for the weekly MYOB is Rs. 157.75/-, and the highest price with Maximum volume is the Rs. 1721.79/-.

For Weekly Subscription, Price start from the Rs. 311.62, and the same following to with maximum limit is Rs. 2370/-.

Terms & Conditions

  • Upon dialing *303#, the client will pick the ideal duration (1,7 and 30 days) with the amount for each kind of motivator i.e Jazz minutes, other network minutes, MB, and SMS Jazz Call minutes Can only be utilized on jazz.
  • The complete cost of the bundle will be shown to the client after every one of the motivation decisions.
  • The made bundles are non-normal and clients should dial *303# again to get more than one bundle.
  • Multiple purchases of the same legit bundle will not include the “offer your jazz” discount. Incentives leftover from previous subscriptions will not be forwarded.
  • Call setup charges would be applicable.
  • The ideal Volume MBs can’t be utilized for Jazz 4G devices.

Click Here for General terms & Conditions.

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