Jazz Super Ghanta Offer – 1 Hour Internet Package

On the off chance that you folks are searching for an Hourly Offer, at that point Jazz offers you “Super Ghanta Offer” at the least rate. With this offer, customers can get 1 GB rapid 4G Internet for an Hour simply in return for 06 rupees (including Tax).

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Subscription Code Volume Duration Price
*638# 1 GB 01 Hour Rs. 06 (inc. Tax)
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Will my balance be used after subscribing to Super Ghanta Offer?

No! on the off chance that you have bought into an Hourly package or any offer, your balance is protected, yet if you have utilized all your volume before the bundle expiry, at that point sullen from your balance would be deducted by standard charges.

Would I be able to Subscribe to Super Ghanta Offer twice in a day?

Truly! You can buy into the hourly offer over and over after the past package termination. If a customer has utilized the entirety of his 1GB data in Social Apps or streaming YouTube videos before the expiry, at that point right off the bat you need to withdraw the super Ghanta offer to receptive.

The Super Ghanta offer can be unsubscribed via a code *638*4#.

The client can check the offer’s status or remaining volume by dialing the basic code 6382#. Clients can likewise check the offer’s detail through *638*3#, and it shows you the value, volume, and length of the offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • Jazz Super Ghanta Offer can be subscribed at any time.
  • Multiple offers can also be subscribed upon the Hourly Internet package.
  • After the 01 Hour bundle is automatically unsubscribed, in order to subscribe again, you have to dial the Subscription code.
  • Jazz Internet Packages Speed depends upon multiple factor-like areas, like mobile phone, website, and many others.
  • The bundle can be subscribed to in any 2G/3G/4G area.
  • The bundle is subject to change at any time.

General Terms


Let sum up the article, we have seen that Jazz Super Ghanta Offer gives 1GB quickest lightspeed 4G web for an Hour at the lowest rate Rs. 06/- including tax. The offer can be subscribed via code *638#. You can appreciate 1 Hour Pakistan’s Fastest 4G network.

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