Local favorites you should visit in the Caribbean

The Caribbean island has always been as gorgeous to explore, whether you’re visiting it for a vacation or business trip or are actually interested in moving in there. Each environment has always made for such an interesting part of the large area that completes anyone’s trip, regardless of the length. Best of all, those who sought to make their experience bigger by going to different islands are in for a treat with how they’ll approach the various places. Without further ado, here are some local favorites you should visit in the Caribbean.

1. St Martin – Many places have something that makes them feel distinct from one another, even when they’re close by, and St Martin is no exception. It has nothing but the pieces that make it such a beloved island thanks to the cultures and environments it possesses. Lots of cultural significance as somewhat of a melting pot, and the exploration combined with the slow pace makes it an ideal place to be in. The food is delicious, with the famous CafĂ© Robin being a perennial St Martin favorite among Canadians, run to feel like a home away from home by Robin, a Canadian expat that fell in love with St Martin and never left.

2. Curacao – This island has a wide variety of historic settlements as well as plenty of other locations to delve into, all of which stem from the significance of the island’s ancestors. It goes from looking like an old World European city with Willemstad into a desert landscape once you exit. The beach is where the fun truly begins, with the beautiful water going so well with the lush sand as well as the wonderful reefs to witness.

3. US Virgin Islands – Whatever is sought after from the Virgin Islands, most likely it is the chance to see the Carnival season that pops up in St Thomas. On top of that, it’s always great to check out the various beaches close to St John’s shoreline, one of which includes the Trunk Bay Beach. It’s even great to check out the St Croix fort if you’re interested in some Danish history without it compromising your vacation.

4. Barbados – Apart from the traditional traits of a Caribbean island, from the resorts to the simple yet attractive shops, you’re also likely to find a distinct feel that gives each island an identity of its own. One example includes Barbados, which is known for highlights like Mount Gay Rum, its limestone caverns, the horse races that plenty of people attend at Garrison Savannah, and even the calypso tunes that pop up every once in a while.

5. St Lucia – There are plenty of ways to make a unique beach stand out amongst its neighbors, and St Lucia knows just how to do that with its volcanic peaks, the numerous upscale resorts to try out, and especially the chalk-colored beaches. It’s great to hike around the Piton Mountains, spend time in the Reduit beach as you’re either enjoying the view or swimming in the ocean, and who can resist checking out the drive-in volcano before returning to a luxury hotel with plenty of views to enjoy.

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