Visiting Disney World On a Budget: Cheapest Ways to Visit

Coming to Disney World can be a great experience. Unfortunately, it can also get expensive. Thankfully, when you are looking at the cheapest Disney World travel, there are a variety of ways that you can save on the hotels and the tickets.

That means that you still get to enjoy the fun and the wonder without breaking your budget to do it.

Let’s read more about the most cost-effective way to travel Disney World:

Getting Cheaper Tickets Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Tickets are an expensive part of theme parks, and the costs are rising. However, there are multiple avenues that you can take to ensure that you get your tickets cheaper. If you have a military member in your family, you can go to your ITT office and get a special discount on six tickets at a time for the parks. The only catch is the military person has to be there with you to get the tickets and be at the park when you go. If you need more than six, you will need another service member to be with you. The personnel member, however, must be active or retired. That confuses some, because their service members were in the military for years, but didn’t retire. Those members unfortunately don’t qualify in this area.

Another way that the military can help you is to stay in military hotels, which can cost as little as forty dollars a night if you stay on base. In addition to this, the ITT on base has a travel agent that can also help you find cheaper solutions for your trip. They can also give you free maps of the park and brochures that can help you decide what to do first.

Another tip for getting discount tickets is to check your local superstore like Costco. The store has a designated area for selling tickets cheaper and helping you get a discount on hotels in the process. With this option, you have to get your ticket and book a hotel simultaneously, but it is still an option that saves you at least two hundred dollars.

If you have an AARP card, this is a great way to save. AARP sells tickets at discounted rates at various times throughout the year. However, if you want to get yours, act quickly as they go incredibly fast. Because this is only done at certain times, it is also a good idea to call ahead as the representatives can tell you when these events will occur.

Know When the Best time to Travel to Disney is to Get the Best Deals

Though Disney is undoubtedly one of the most popular parks globally, you will still find that they have an off-season. Knowing when the cheapest Disney World travel times are will give you a much better trip. When schools are in session, fewer people travel. This won’t be a likely option if you have children as your little ones would miss school. However, if you plan on taking a trip with only adults, this would be one of the best times.

To save yourself from overcrowding and long line waits, you should avoid the holidays and weekends. You should know that they do special shows and decorations around the holidays, but it drives the tourists in so if you don’t mind missing it, you could save a lot of money and avoid ignoring the things you want to see because there are so many things for many people.

Conferences can also change the status of tickets and hotel rates. In many cases, you will see that tickets are lower and hotel rates are incredibly cheap when a conference occurs, as the hotels realize that they can book every room more easily. The beginning months of the year are also a great time to utilize. In particular, try January or February.

You Don’t Have To Rent A Car Or Grocery Shop When Considering Cheapest Disney World Travel

When considering the cheapest Disney World travel, you don’t have to rent a car. Unless you plan to leave the resort and go to other areas, you don’t need to have a vehicle because the resort hotels offer transportation to the park and their food areas that you can utilize, so you don’t need to go grocery shopping. Depending on your length of stay, you should bring your food with you. The hotels are equipped to handle your food safely so that it won’t spoil, and you can avoid going into town because of it.

If you have a family of four and bring your food, you can save over two hundred dollars a day. In addition to that, avoiding renting a car could save you that same amount or more. If you don’t have that much food with you, you can have groceries delivered to your hotel and still pay less than you would in the park.

Taking advantage of the bus systems is a great option to move around freely. The system goes from park to park and the resort areas. If you are staying off the property, you can still use the buses when you get to the park.

Buy Disney Gift Cards And Other Merchandise Ahead Of Time

If you want to buy things in the park, such as plush dolls or clothing, you should get those ahead of time because they will be much cheaper. For example, a thrift store usually has Disney books, clothes, toys, and stuffed animals for around fifty cents or more. That offers you the chance to deck your family out in Disney merch for about ten dollars. If you do that at the park, you’d be spending at least two hundred.

Checking out your local superstore is a great idea as well. You can get Disney toys here for less than ten dollars and have enough left over to get the other special treats without busting through your budget.

Supermarkets sell Disney gift cards and usually have some discount or offer fuel points as a bonus. Getting the cards at a deal is a great option to utilize, and it can help you stay on budget at the parks as it enables you to realize what you’re spending. It will keep you from buying more than you need to because once it’s gone, you won’t be able to purchase anything else. The best part? You can use these unique cards to pay for the tickets, the food and drinks, merch, and the hotel stay.

Another option to get these cards for cheap is to use a credit card that has cash back. So imagine you find a store that sells these cards at a five percent discount. If you have a card that gives you two percent or five percent cashback, you have just saved seven to ten percent.

Target will offer a significant discount of five percent on the card, but you have to be a RED card member to do so. However, many think this is worth it as the savings are better. Sam’s club offers a five percent discount as well. When you use these cards instead of cash or cards in the park, you can end up saving over a hundred dollars that way as well.

Water Is Free Because Disney Cares

You don’t pay for water at Disney World because they care about your health. They will let you have a cup of water for free if you ask for it. It’s sixteen ounces, and you can do this as many times as you want. However, if you’re going to be more environmentally friendly, bring reusable water bottles. The employees can’t fill it up because of the Covid pandemic, but there are multiple water filling stations throughout the park to be more environmentally friendly. Each station is free, and you can fill up as many bottles as you like.

Stay Near The Park And Avoid The Resorts

While it is beneficial to stay at the resorts, the cheapest Disney World travel option would be to use one of the five hotel chains that are not affiliated with Disney but considered on the property. Disney Springs has five of these properties. Utilizing these options lets you stay in a comfortable hotel with free parking and breakfast options and spend less than one hundred dollars a night. You also avoid the fifteen-dollar parking fee that Disney has and save on breakfast.

Utilize This Cheapest Disney World Travel Guide for Your Next Vaca

When you want to take a great holiday without paying inflated prices, keep the tips that we have given you above in mind. The cheapest Disney World travel includes planning, but it’s a better option as it lets your family enjoy the experience without giving anything up. When you aren’t worrying about busting your budget, you have a far better time and can genuinely enjoy the time you are having with your family. Make the best out of your vacation with these options, and you can save over five hundred dollars more. That means you can go again now that you have the best tips at your disposal!

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