Must Do’s and Don’ts Before IV Nutritional Therapy

It’s normal to feel nervous and not know what to expect before your first IV nutritional therapy appointment. Write down a list of questions beforehand that you can ask the doctor once you get to your appointment. IV treatment can be a great option to help your body receive the nutrients it needs. The following are some recommendations of things that you should do and avoid before going into the doctor’s office for your IV nutritional therapy appointment. A few examples are hydration, eating beforehand, wearing comfortable clothing and bringing entertainment. 

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Must Do’s

Before going to IV nutritional therapy, there are things that you should do that are recommended before your appointment. Hydrating your body before will help when getting the IV and will help your veins be open. When you are hydrated, it also makes it easier for the nurse to find a good vein to administer your IV needle for the treatment.

Eating before will help avoid nausea that is a potential side effect from the vitamins. Including protein in what you eat is also very helpful. It is recommended that you eat 1-2 hours before your appointment and perhaps 15 minutes before to keep your blood sugar levels stable. 

Do your best to get comfortable and relax while receiving nutritional therapy. It helps to wear comfortable clothes to make you feel relaxed. If you’re more likely to get cold, wear layers to keep you warm. If you get too hot, you can always take a layer off too. Infusions can vary from thirty minutes to six hours so being comfortable is essential.

Bring your favorite form of entertainment to help the time pass by during the IV. Some ideas are reading a book, watching a tv show or movie or listening to music. Any of these things will help you not focus on the time and help it feel like it’s going by quickly. The amount of time nutritional therapy will take can vary depending on the cocktail and if it’s a person’s first time or if they’re seasoned. 

Must Don’ts

The main thing you should avoid is doing any activity that will constrict your blood vessels. Some examples of triggers that could narrow your blood vessels are antihistamine and decongestant medicines, any mental or physical stress, heavy exercise, salty foods and donating blood.

Another thing to avoid is drinking drinks that will dehydrate you like coffee. Soda, tea and alcohol are other drinks that also cause dehydration. As mentioned before, being dehydrated will constrict your blood vessels. This will make the treatment more difficult because the nutrients need to travel throughout your body. 

Not doing the above suggestions could make your appointment not enjoyable. Having your first nutritional treatment will help you know what to anticipate for future appointments. Do your best to avoid adding unnecessary stress the day of your appointment. Plan things out the night before and do what you can to help your day go smoothly up until your appointment.  

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