The most difficult job is that of inspectors. From inspections for food safety up to inspections of construction sites, inspectors are accountable for essential tasks such as recording regulations compliance and code violations and preparing thorough reports supported by evidence. All in the pursuit of protecting the people in the community. The last but not least, inspection management involves traveling to the inspection area, which is often scheduled on an extremely strict schedule for inspections. This is why a thorough analysis is required to make the job that inspectors do more efficiently, and at the same time, stress-inducing.

The transformation of old inspection systems into new ones is a common method to improve inspections. But what happens after that? What do you think are the best next steps to improve the management of inspections?

The flexibility of using software for inspection management can be seen not just as the ability to eliminate paper from the process but also to help make inspections more efficient and fill out reports with detail faster while covering more locations with the shortest time possible. Also, reliable inspection management software can help inspectors be more thorough and do less work.

Inspections using mobile devices

Inspectors who travel to conduct field-based inspections have a lot to gain using inspection management software in general. They also gain from the flexibility and the flexibility of cloud-based systems for the management of inspections. The benefits extend beyond the software and include other applications in addition – for example, smartphones.

Inspectors are frequently in motion, which is why using mobile devices for inspections can be a huge chance for inspectors. With tablets, they can document inspections, take photos, and take notes when they are moving. This makes the accessibility of the software an important factor when it comes to trying out the products of various suppliers.

Paperless workflows complement mobile devices for inspection management.

Certain kinds of inspections, particularly those that guarantee the safety of children (food safety inspections and fire safety inspections, road safety inspections, playground safety inspections, etc.), are a huge amount of paperwork. The complexity of these inspection procedures is being reduced in large part due to the use of software for inspections Field inspection solution such as calyx.

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Following the inspection being conducted, inspectors may opt to eliminate the paper filing process in favor of an electronic one with a pre-defined checklist for inspections specifically designed to the type of inspection taking place. The information gathered is instantly available to the relevant collaborators. The best part is that there is no printing or reorganization papers is required to accomplish this.

Real-time Inspection Scheduling In Inspector’s Pocket

Printing inspection schedules may result in mistakes. Inspectors should be updated on their inspection schedules. This is why the assignment of cases is an important aspect of the calyx. Through an advanced AI score, Canalix allocates cases automatically to those with the appropriate skills and geolocation. The allocation is displayed immediately in the inspector’s electronic calendar, accessible via mobile or tablet. This smart method for scheduling inspections minimizes the chance to make errors. In addition, it helps improve the quality of planning of inspections and allows inspectors to cover more areas with fewer resources.

Are you searching for dependable software for managing inspections that can allow inspectors to conduct field inspections on mobile devices? If so, Canalix could be a great choice for your needs.

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