The Difference between Kegerator and Jockey Box

If you love entertaining, you will want the right items to give you the new beer you need. Two major options to consider are the kegerator and jockey box. These items may accomplish the same goal, but some differences exist. This article will help you see these options and the critical differences.

What is a Jockey Box?

A jockey box is an insulated ice cooler that has a mobile draft system built inside of it. This option relies solely on the ice within the cooler to provide the refrigeration it needs to keep the beverages cool. You can create your jockey box, but you must purchase the right items. 

What is a Kegerator?

A kegerator is a mini fridge with a keg inside. You can purchase different kegerators, finding something that best meets your needs. They have multiple taps, so you can have other beverages on tap or get a single-tap kegerator. You can get mobile and freestanding options built into your cabinetry. This appliance has plenty of different options, which use fans to cool it off.

The Differences Between a Kegerator and Jockey Box

Jockey boxes and kegerators have the same purpose: keeping your draft beverages cool and fresh. But there are some significant differences between these two options.

For one thing, a kegerator is a fixed setup that can sometimes have wheels to be moved around, but it’s not entirely portable, and you can’t use it without electricity. The jockey box is mobile, especially since it doesn’t require electricity and uses ice to keep cool. 

A kegerator is also much more significant, sometimes able to hold 2 or 3 different kegs. Jockey boxes are more minor, only holding a small keg that can fit inside the cooler. A kegerator is the best option if you want to have different types of beer on tap in one storage solution.

Kegerators are appliances you buy, whereas you can build a jockey box from scratch. This difference and the fact that it cools from ice cubes is why the jockey box is much more affordable. 

Which one is the best choice for you? The jockey box is the best choice if you are looking for the cheapest or the most mobile option. The kegerator is your best choice if you want a quality beer that will last for enjoyment and entertainment.


A kegerator and a jockey box are great for entertaining, but they both serve different purposes. Understanding each item’s differences can help you decide which options best meet your needs. 

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