What is a Freeview Box and what are the benefits?

A Freeview box can be considered as one of the main sources of entertainment within the UK, and what’s one thing better than entertainment? Free entertainment! Freeview is the UK’s free digital TV system and unlike Sky, the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, there is no monthly subscription required. The only thing that you truly need to operate the box’s services is simply a TV, a TV license, and a TV aerial. Without an aerial, this service will not work at all as you will require a signal from local transmitters to access all channels. For aerial installations or repairs, visit aerialandsatelliteexpress. So, let’s jump right in to figure out more about a Freeview box and its benefits.

Up to 70 channels 

If you are someone who prefers watching light TV and cannot dedicate a lot of time or money towards streaming services or monthly subscriptions then Freeview TV is best for you. Although the channels are not unlimited, there are still around 60-70 channels depending on your area. The channels are suitable for all age groups and backgrounds, and the service even covers channels involving music, shopping, religion, and film as well as the common standard entertainment channels that we all know and love. Some favourites include ITV2, Channel4, E4, and STV, which we can find our favourite soaps, reality shows, and TV series on. 

Box may be built-in

In newer TVs, mostly produced after 2010, the Freeview Box should already be built into the TV, so even better for you, there is no cost to the box. We would assume that most viewers would have a TV purchased after 2010 however if you don’t, you will need to purchase a box. A standard box typically ranges between £100-200 however, these boxes are likely to include additional channels, as well as HD channels on top of the initial 60-70.

Can be used alongside streaming services

With the continuous rise of streaming services, it is no surprise as to why more and more viewers are switching to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ for ultimate unlimited viewings however, that does not mean that live TV must be banished. As you are not required to pay for Freeview services, why get rid of them completely? There are in fact times when you will struggle to gain important knowledge from streaming services that you can only access on live TV. How would we keep up with the updates of the current Coronavirus pandemic? Of course, you could check the internet however, most people enjoy watching the quality content displayed on the live news on television both morning and night. Alongside this, some individuals do not have internet access or access at all to other electronic devices. So, keep your Freeview box and you will have access to a variety of services.

One less service you need to pay for  

As previously highlighted, Freeview is Free and Sky requires a monthly subscription. With that being said, Sky does also offer you an option to access Netflix through their box. However, is this even a great additional feature if you already have a smart TV? Most households in the UK are likely to have a smart TV, in fact every nine out of ten TVs that you come across on Amazon are Smart TVs, highlighting their increase in production and sales since they launched in 2007. A smart TV already provides you with the option of downloading your favourite apps so why pay for this service through a Sky subscription too? It is most likely that you are already paying a smaller monthly subscription for streaming services so why add an extra-large monthly subscription on top of this for Sky. There is only a certain amount of TV that one can watch, you do not need all of these options!

Small and sleek devices

As explained, these devices should be built into your new TV however, if you do need to purchase a Freeview Box, do not worry about it causing obstructions or taking up a large amount of space. These boxes are thin, black, and sleek and do not look like large robotic or mechanical devices if that was one of your main concerns. If you have your TV on a unit or stand, the box can easily sit on this and not look too sizable or cause clutter. If your TV is mounted to the wall, the box can sit behind the TV if secured correctly. If you require any TV mounting in your home then click here.

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