The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Focus and Concentration

The world is full of noise. It can be a city noise or a noise on social media, it’s distracting. The problem doesn’t seem real until you experience it with decreased productivity. Yes, if you are not focused, or concentrated you are declining your productivity. Decreased productivity has many drawbacks. It’s a thing to master, but it comes with practice, patience, and effort. The cycle of distraction can be so engaging in the case of social media. You need to break it first to gain mastery over focus and concentration. Besides these physical factors, on the other hand, there are mental factors too. It is essential to optimize your brain and work on things that can help support brain regeneration.

What’s The Reason Behind Lost Focus?

Focus is a choice that you make between being busy or being productive. It is the decision of saying yes to the most important task at the moment and saying a present no to the options that are not a priority. Saying no to the least important tasks doesn’t eliminate them from your list, but they need to be kept apart for that very moment. If you are unable to prioritize your most important task and least important task, you will actually don’t know where to focus your energy.

What Can You Do To Improve Focus?

If you are someone confused between an important and least important task, you need to figure out that first. If you don’t have any idea about this, then there is a high possibility that you don’t know where to direct your productive energy. Let’s talk about how you can commit to yourself to stay focused. You won’t become a pro all at once but, you will observe positive results within a few days.

Create A Focused Environment

There is always a place where you feel at peace or energetic at work. It’s an environment that motivates you to work, be it in an office or at home. You can create your own place, where you can set up things to help you stay motivated for a longer time. A room with a desk and a window, that allows the natural light to come inside and make you feel energetic. Keep your workplace clean and away from any kind of distraction that can make you less focused. You cannot work in your comfort zone, get out of it, and start working.

Limit Your Distraction Time

If there is something important to work on, the urge to feel distracted will even be more. Feed your distraction but only as a reward for successfully completing the focus period. Set a time limit for your distractions, your time on social media, and phone time. You can work for 25 minutes under focus and then can give yourself a break of 5 minutes, it will help you increase focus and productivity.

Meditate To Improve Focus

Meditation is one of the best and effective ways to practice mindfulness. It can help you get back on track and regain focus. When you have a lot of screams inside your mind, you should try meditating. It will help you track your thought and become more peaceful. A mind that is not peaceful creates more room for distraction, laying you off track. Meditation will help you channel your energy into positivity, peace, and productivity. The benefits of meditation are not limited to focus, but it also helps reduce anxiety, stress, and rumination.

Prioritize Your Important Tasks

You should first learn about your important tasks. If you are unaware of your priorities, you will end up doing nothing. A to-do list with so many jobs on board will only get you overwhelmed. Create a list of the important task that needs to be finished first, place them at the top of your list. You can even create days for the most important tasks to be completed and the rest for the least ones. Set a shorter deadline for every crucial work to be done. If your deadlines are too far, you will end up procrastinating.

Track Your Day

It’s critical to keep track of your activities. This will make you more mindful of where you are directing your energy. It will open up the ways to discard your least important activities and help you channel them in the right direction. Review your accomplished task and the time you took to complete that task. Set a goal to finish the same work in that time.


In a world where distraction is one touch away, it’s hard to keep the focus on the task that demands you to come out of your comfort zone. There can be other factors to this problem like age or cognitive diseases. The picture becomes more clear with the subject on, underlining the importance of focusing brain energy and the flow of oxygen in the brain for improved focus. It is definitely a complex but vital skill to master but can be improved when pushed in the right direction. You can improve focus by meditating, working on your diet, and practicing mindfulness. All these factors will help you get back to focus and become more productive as time passes by.

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