Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re an avid mountain biker you may think that having an electric mountain bike is probably going to take all the fun out of mountain biking. Far from it, electric mountain bikes do not detract from the exhilaration and the fun, they enhance it. Remember they ‘assist’, they do not take anything away. 

The “electric revolution” is seeing electric mountain bike sales soar which indicates that mountain bikers around the world are discovering the benefits that having an electric mountain bike brings to the sport. If you’re still having doubts, take a look at these 5 reasons to get your electric mountain bike as soon as you possibly can. You can also get electric scooter from Humm.

1. Electric Mountain Bikes Have More Range

Electric mountain bikes can reach higher speeds with less energy output on your part. With more speed, you are able to increase your travel range by up to 30%. This is really good news for people who have limited time because more terrain can be covered in less time. If, for example, you only have an hour to go mountain biking and can usually cover a trail of 10 miles in that time, with the pedal-power assistance you get from an electric mountain bike you’ll be able to cover at least another 5 miles. Extrapolate that over an entire season and you will see that your electric mountain bike allows you to enjoy more trails than you normally would because of the extra travel range. If speed is one of the things you like best about mountain biking, you are sure to find the top pedal-assisted speed of 28mph very appealing!

2. Electric Mountain Bikes Make Mountain Biking More Enjoyable

There is nothing worse than planning to do a group trail ride with a few hot-shot riders in the group who get all competitive and turn a ‘friendly’ ride into a fierce competition or being on a trail ride with friends who are far less fit than you and struggle to keep up. An electric mountain bike levels the playing fields and allows riders to all ride together even if they have different fitness levels. This makes the experience more social and, as a result, more fun. The other added enjoyment an electric mountain bike brings is the ability to have extra time to enjoy the scenery because you’re covering more ground and expending less energy. In addition, electric mountain bikes make pedaling easier because, even though you’re still controlling your speed with your feet, the pedal-assist helps you accelerate easily and gives you the extra boost you need to zip through rough terrain without completely exhausting yourself.

3. Electric Mountain Bikes Add Stability And Increase Capability

Generally, electric mountain bikes are heavier than standard mountain bikes because of the extra weight of the motor and battery. The mid-drive electric motors are situated in the bottom bracket area and the batteries are placed along the downtube. This means that the extra weight is centrally positioned low on the frame, giving them a low center of gravity and adding a huge amount of stability to the bike. The added stability makes all the difference, particularly when descending an incline or climbing a hill. The rider is able to navigate the trail more easily which in turn inspires confidence and enables them to build their bike-handling skills. And we all know that improved skills translate to increased enjoyment of any sport and will push the rider to test their mountain biking mettle. Of course, this increased stability also means that the bike is safer than an ordinary mountain bike and more suitable for beginners or people who aren’t very fit

4. Electric Mountain Bikes Are a Whole New Experience

Mountain bikers will find that riding an electric mountain bike is quite different from riding an ordinary mountain bike. The increased range, extra speed, and added ability to clear more obstacles will transform your favorite trail into a completely new experience. And, being able to reach the top of a climb effortlessly, add an extra stretch to your singletrack, or navigate a rocky patch more easily adds to the enjoyment of your ride. Many mountain bikers who have switched to electric mountain bikes attest to the fact that they make even trails they know well seem like completely new trails because the riders are more confident to face obstacles they would usually avoid.

5. Electric Mountain Bikes Help Your Health

The extra help you get from the pedal-assist results in less strain on your joints and your muscles. The motor provides support when the most effort is needed like on inclines and for accelerations. This also means less stress on your heart than when riding a normal mountain bike. The assistance provided by the motor reduces exertion but you will still get a good aerobic workout from your ride. The added pedal power is particularly helpful when you’re a newbie and haven’t developed the muscles required for mountain biking yet. Electric mountain bikes make mountain biking for fun or for fitness accessible to more people because you don’t have to be super-fit to tackle a mountain biking trail, the pedal-assist is there to help you along the way. 

If you’re still deliberating as to whether you should invest in an electric mountain bike or not, we suggest you take a leap of faith and buy one. An electric mountain bike can only bring about positive change to your life and it is highly unlikely that it will be a purchase you regret. From improving your fitness levels to being inspired to cycle more regularly to tackling trails you haven’t felt confident enough to do before, an electric mountain bike will completely change the mountain biking experience for the better. 

Best of all, due to the fact that the best electric mountain bikes enable people of all ages to enjoy mountain biking, you can get electric mountain bikes for the whole family. Join the electric mountain biking revolution – you’ll have a whole lot of fun, improve your health (mental and physical), and discover new places. This is more than enough reason to get your electric mountain bike.

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