When to Hire an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation in Virginia?

You can represent yourself under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act and Commission Rules. Hiring a lawyer is not obligatory for obtaining rightful benefits following a work-related incident or occupational disease diagnosis.

However, hiring an Alexandria workers’ comp lawyer from a reputed law firm like Injured Workers Law Firm in Virginia is advisable.

When should you hire a workman’s comp attorney?

The following are a few situations when hiring a lawyer to expedite your case for workers’ compensation is necessary.

  1. Immediately after an injury 

An attorney can assist you in filing a comprehensive and precise benefits claim.

  1. If a recorded statement is demanded from you

Only give a recorded statement or interact with an adjuster in your attorney’s presence.

  1. If your employer threatens you for claiming compensation

Firing an employee for pursuing workers’ comp benefits is illegal in Virginia seek legal counsel promptly.

  1. If the insurance ignores your request

Your employer’s actions may signal a claim denial and provide damaging information to their insurer.

  1. If the insurance company denies your claim 

An attorney aids with paperwork, evidence, and presenting at appeals.

  1. If you have a preexisting health issue 

Most insurance companies will deny your claims if you have any preexisting illnesses before injuries. However, an attorney can compel the insurance to offer you a justified claim.

  1. If you have sustained severe injuries

Insurance companies may resist disability claims consult an attorney promptly to protect your rights and claim’s value.

  1. During the scheduled workers comp hearing 

Winning your claim often requires court involvement challenging charges and presenting evidence are best done with an attorney’s assistance.

  1. When you fail to get adequate medical attention

An attorney can compel the insurance company to approve necessary treatment.

  1. When your employer directs you to refer to their preferred doctor 

You are entitled to see your preferred doctor consult your attorney to exercise this right.

  1. If your employer refuses to give you light duty

If pressured to return to work prematurely, hire an attorney for legal support and protection.

  1. When a third party is also involved for your injury 

You may pursue workers ‘ comp and personal injury claims when a third party is liable for your work injury. An experienced attorney can guide you through both legal processes.

Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned after an injury sustained on the job. Along with physical discomfort, you could have mental and emotional stress.

Hire an attorney to increase your chances of success and assist you with every stage of the challenging claims procedure.

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