Why is the Gelato strain popular? 

Out of the several cannabis strains which exist, the Gelato strain or Larry bird has left its footprints in the sands of the cannabis industry and market. This sweet-smelling and tasting cannabis strain has warmed its way into the hearts of many. And there are receipts to show for it. Several search informatics have reported that Gelato was one of the most searched pot terms in 2021. 

In fact, it has been jokingly said that every cannabis user who hasn’t smoked Gelato hasn’t had a full cannabis experience. Hence, growers who are seeking to cultivate Gelato strain, especially Gelato 33 have a huge market to satisfy as this strain is a consumer’s favorite. Read more to find out the reason for the rave about this cultivar. 

How the Gelato Strain came to be 

The Gelato strain is an Indica dominant hybrid gotten from the crossing of two popular savory strains namely the Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint Girls Scout Cookies. This feminized autoflowering strain was developed by a team of expert Californian cannabis breeders in 2014 known as Cookie farm genetics. 

Defining features of the Gelato strain

  1. Gelato has a sweet taste and a high THC concentration 

One of the prominent characteristics of this strain is its rich terpene profile. This strain has a delicious fruity and creamy taste with some earthy undertones which is reminiscent of a dessert. However, do not be carried away by her sweetness as beneath this cloak of sweetness lies a deeper level of potency as a result of her high THC concentration. 

Research and studies peg its THC content at about 20% with some strains boasting of a THC content of 25%. Due to its high THC concentration, this strain induces a hard and fast hitting high in its users. Therefore, this cultivar might be the nemesis of a rookie user who doesn’t consume it in cautious amounts. 

  1. Gelato thrives in warm and sunny climes

This particular characteristic of this delectable photoperiod strain is a projection of its Californian roots since they have warm, humid, and wind-free weather. They can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Growers who do not stay in tropical climates can grow theirs indoors using a greenhouse or tent. All they need to do is ensure that the greenhouse is warm and dry. 

  1. Gelato is a short plant

Unlike Sativa and landrace strains which have a high tendency to grow tall, Gelato has a small to medium height. Their average height falls within the range of 4 to 6 feet. According to Highway420, they can best be passed as squash bushes. 

Reasons for the popularity of the Gelato strain

This section discusses the traits possessed by this exotic strain which have made it an all-time favorite and one of the most popular strains on the cannabis market. The following are some attributes possessed by this Cali superstar

  1. Visual appeal

Humans in general have always had an eye for attractive and aesthetic things. And when it comes to looks, this California super girl is a stunner leaving even the most fastidious user wowed. This Indica-dominant hybrid has dense purple buds decorated with fiery orange hairs. As a result of its resin-coated buds, it has a crystalline appearance and glossy look. 

  1. Multi-sensational abilities

One of the features that have made this cannabis cultivar the bias of most enthusiasts is its ability to make its users feel different sensations. This golden state cultivar induces an energetic euphoric high and a relaxing feel that courses through its users’ spines. 

Unlike most strains which leave its users feeling lethargic and groggy, this strain mentally stimulates its users. Hence creative undertakings and mental tasks can be carried out under the influence of this strain.

  1. Medicinal properties

Another reason for the popularity of this cultivar is its numerous medical benefits and clinical applications. Gelato has been used to successfully improve and treat a variety of conditions like chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, and insomnia. Patients suffering from the last condition have testified to its sedative effects as consuming it just before bedtime makes them drift into sleep faster and improves their sleeping pattern. 

  1. Mental and psychological perks

Owing to the relaxing feeling that this Indica-dominant hybrid induces in its users, Gelato has proven itself useful in reducing social anxiety and depressive symptoms. 

  1. High resistance to pests and diseases

Pests and diseases are the enemies of every cannabis grower as they significantly reduce the quality and quantity of yields. And it is no news, that implementing effective pest control measures can be overwhelming even for the most experienced growers.

Therefore the resistance of Larry bird to mold, insects, and mildew is a relief to every grower as they do not have to worry about diseases and pests ravaging their plants. Also, they do not have to spend money on purchasing pesticides which cost a good amount of bucks. 

  1. Space friendliness

One quality that this strain possesses is its ability to bloom in a relatively small area or section. Many thanks to its short to medium height which allows more of it to be grown in a particular area. In addition, its short height also makes it easy to adopt guerilla or stealth cultivation, especially in regions where there are strict sanctions on its grooming. 


For growers, it is advised that before they buy Gelato seeds to cultivate, they should make sufficient inquiries and create an enabling environment to support their healthy growth. Consumers should also ensure they search for reputable and licensed dispensaries that sell unadulterated Gelato strains. Before purchase, consumers should ensure that they ask questions bordering on its side effects, the compatibility or otherwise of this strain with a condition they have, and its cannabinoid concentration. 

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