What Are the Best Cannabis Strains to Grow on a Budget?

Individuals new to marijuana cultivation quickly realize how costs can add up. To keep their costs under control, they may choose to go with cheap seeds. However, they discover the seeds aren’t worth the money spent. They often don’t reach maturity or the end product is of low quality. This doesn’t mean all inexpensive seeds are bad. A grower must know how to find high-quality strains at affordable prices. 

Regular vs Feminized Seeds?

The first thing a person will realize when growing marijuana on a budget is regular seeds cost less than feminized versions. Although approximately half of a crop must be thrown out when a grower uses regular seeds, they still come out ahead. The problem many people encounter is they don’t have the time to sex the plants. If they miss even one male plant, the entire crop could be destroyed. 

Finding all male plants in a crop is a work-intensive process. Using feminized seeds eliminate this step. For this reason, many people choose to spend the extra money to purchase feminized versions of their preferred strains. This is a choice each grower must make based on their unique circumstances. 

Grab Bags

Another option is to invest in one or more grab bags. Doing so allows the grower to try several strains and determine which are their favorites. A person will often find this is an excellent way to get quality seeds at affordable prices. Nevertheless, they cannot know what they are getting until the bag arrives. Purchasing from a reputable supplier increases the odds of getting worthwhile seeds. 

Sales and Discounts

A person should take advantage of sales and discounts whenever possible. Some suppliers offer free seeds, while others sell affordable mixed packs. Consider all options when buying seeds to get great deals on quality strains. 

Make Quality a Priority

A new grower might believe they can save money by growing bagseed. However, purchasing top-quality marijuana seeds actually saves growers money over time. Reputable seed banks guarantee the quality of their seeds and have a team of breeders and growers working to improve the genetics of the strains they sell. 

If the seeds don’t germinate, the seed bank will often refund the purchaser’s money. When they do germinate, the grower can have confidence that the plant will be strong and healthy if properly cared for. The grower will end up with outstanding buds that they cannot wait to consume. 

Autoflowering Options

Growers should also consider autoflowering options. Modern autoflowering strains often produce outstanding buds and impressive yields. In fact, the potency and flavors of the weed are now comparable to those achieved with photoperiod strains. 

Grow From Clones

Once a grower has healthy plants, they can begin cloning these plants to save on seeds. Cloning plants costs money, and the grower needs to ensure they have a healthy mother plant that remains in constant vegetation. This means the grower must provide this plant with ample space, an ongoing 18/6 light cycle, and adequate fertilizer. This will ensure any clones taken from the plant are viable and will thrive.

However, the mother plant should be renewed every year to ensure the yield doesn’t decrease. By using this method, the grower will only need to purchase seeds twice a year. They will then have a healthy mother plant to use for cloning at all times. 

Inexpensive Cannabis Strains to Try

Growers may wish to try new strains. However, they often hesitate to do so because they don’t want to waste their money. Fortunately, there are inexpensive cannabis strains every grower can try without breaking the budget. Consider investing in the following strains the next time a purchase is made. 

Blue Magoo

A hybrid strain, Blue Magoo comes with 16 percent THC, and a grower can get these seeds for around $10. Individuals love this cross between F2, a William Wonder phenotype, and DJ Short’s Blueberry strain. This strain provides a sedative effect and cerebral high, as it leans toward Indica strains. However, it hits the user quickly and supplies them with light mental stimulation. 

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic gets its name from the gorgeous leaves that appear on the plant midway through the flowering phase. Growers love that this plant doesn’t produce a distinctive odor, and yet the smoke from the mature plant comes with a flavor similar to berries. This predominately Indica strain grows best indoors and remains low to the ground. 

A person can harvest the crop in as little as seven weeks and see a significant yield. Users appreciate that they feel sleepy when using this strain. They are relaxed and happy. However, they may also be very hungry. This strain increases the user’s creativity while lifting their mood. They get a sense of well-being.

A user must be careful, however, because there can be too much of a good thing. When taken in large doses, Blue Mystic can lead a person anxious and paranoid. They may also have to deal with dizziness and a dry mouth. 

Bubba Kush

Individuals who want a strain with a high THC content but don’t have a lot of money to spend often turn to Bubba Kush. This strain comes with 27 percent THC and leaves a user feeling relaxed and ready to sleep. This is not a strain that should be used during the day because of the couch lock effect it provides. Breeders created this strain by crossing OG Kush with Afghani or Northern Lights. 

Caramelicious Seeds

New growers often turn to Caramelicious seeds because they know this is a foolproof strain. They will get an appealing flavor and an impressive yield, even if they make a few mistakes along the way. 

People love the caramel-like flavor provided by this strain, and those who want to grow marijuana discreetly appreciate the small size of these plants. However, users must be aware of its potency, as this strain is ideal for medicinal uses. The user feels relaxed and at ease when they try this strain. 

A person who wishes to grow their own cannabis will find this hobby to be expensive. However, marijuana cultivation pays off in the long run. The grower knows exactly how each strain was cultivated, including the amount of light used and the fertilizers. Shop around for quality seed at affordable prices because there are outstanding deals to be had. 

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