Will Benefits of Online Education Ever Rule the World?

As with most teaching methods available, online learning paved a way for uninterrupted learning in these hard times. In this pandemic, everybody adopted various techniques and tools in online learning all around the world. Nowadays digital learning has emerged as a necessary resource due to which many educational institutions are looking forward to various online learning platforms to continue this way of educating students.

Now, online education is not just limited to learning academics but it also extends to learn extracurricular activities as well. After this pandemic, the demand for clinical elearning has significantly increased and will continue to do so in the future.

How is online learning better than traditional learning?

More engaging than classroom learning: Online teaching offers educators to deliver lessons efficiently. It includes many engaging activities like MCQ tests, organized study material, class reminders, doubt sessions, 2 way live classes with recording, and many more. It has several tools like PDFs, videos, podcasts, and many more which are very helpful for teachers to use all these tools as a part of their lessons.

No geographical boundaries: Another advantage of online education is you can attend any lecture from any location in the world. Instead of being restricted by geographical boundaries, it also helps various educational institutions to reach out to a more extensive network of students. With computer/phone and internet access, the entirety of the educational world will be yours, no matter where you live.

Cheaper than classroom learning: Believe it or not, online learning is very helpful in reducing financial costs. The biggest difference between online learning and classroom learning is the campus. If you live in another city for education then you will be spending a huge amount on your meals and living. Online learning eliminates them all.

Good preparation for a changing workforce: Another advantage of online learning is getting comfortable with the technology. As technology advances, it is very essential to know the basics of using computers. Whether you are working across the state or the world, you should become adept at technology for video conferencing, messaging, fetching information, and any more which adds in a skill set that you will need for a better career.

Suits a variety of learning styles: As we all know, every student has a different learning style. Some get distracted by the crowd of classroom learning while some

prefer to thrive in a big group of students. In online learning, you have various options for learning. You can join a classroom of students or you can choose an individual one. If you prefer visual learning then videos will help you and if not then you can download it in audio form. The online learning system can be personalized in many ways with its range of options and resources.

A few years ago, online learning was barely used by any student or educational institution. Now, it has become a big part of every student’s life. According to a recent MIT study, massive online courses are just as effective as traditional learning. From matriculation to master, anything is possible online It also develops the habit of learning independently. It prepares you for the type of learning that you will need in your workplace. Many jobs require periodic training in an online format as well as some independent research skills which are being developed in online learning.

We are now entering a new era- a revolution of online learning. In a space as vast as the internet, there are infinite skills to learn which makes online learning a future of education.

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