7 Most Popular Types of Flowers to Give or Grow

Flowers offer so much more than just a beautiful decorative statement. They can express love and admiration, show gratitude, or offer condolences. Every floral arrangement tells a unique story, so ensuring the right flowers are chosen for the occasion is important. To help you find the perfect flower to give or grow,  we have produced a list of seven popular types of flowers to give or grow. Keep reading!

1. Roses

The rose stands out from the rest of its compatriots in the flower world. It has achieved a certain fame and prominence that no other flower can claim; because of its long association with love.

Another reason for the rose’s widespread popularity is how often it appears around holidays and special occasions. Valentine’s Day holds particular significance because it used to be solely centered on giving roses as gifts between couples in love. But beyond just roses for romance, these flowers are appropriate for showing gratitude or appreciation on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

For that reason alone, roses have become one of the most commonly purchased flowers at any florist’s shop or grocery store around these special times each year. So, before thinking of any other flower to give or grow, roses should hit your mind first!

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2. Tulips

Another popular type of flower is the tulip. Tulips are a beloved sight to many, being heralded as a sign of tension from the cold winter months. With around 150 species and over 3000 varieties of tulips, they are part of the lily family and come in a wide range of colors and shapes with distinct meanings. 

Because of their symbolic representation as a signal for Spring and Easter, tulips display beautiful blooms during this season. So, if you plan to grow tulips outside your home, do this in early autumn. It is best to plant them where they can receive partial to full sun and soil, allowing drainage. Anything else will cause water logging that drowns the bulb and roots. 

3. Sunflower

Sunflowers are among the world’s most beloved flowers for their bright yellow color, large size, and overall aesthetic. They also have deep symbolic roots as well. In the language of flowers, they represent adoration, loyalty, and longevity – qualities many desire to have in various parts of life and relationships.

Growing sunflowers need plenty of direct sunlight for about eight hours each day and hot conditions to thrive and bloom nicely. Also, please pay special attention to the soil for full growth and dig it out well for the sunflower’s roots to spread.

4. Lilies

Lilies have long been a favorite of florists and home gardeners alike. They are an elegant addition to any setting, possessing bright colors and a heady, sweet fragrance. From delicate Asiatic lilies to the grand Oriental and trumpet varieties, over 100 types of true lilies belong to the Lilium genus. 

These stunning flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and carry distinct symbolism. Also, lily bouquets or arrangements evoke purity and innocence while being perfect choices for birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. Whether used for bridal bouquets or floral centerpieces for big events at home or work, this great flower presents innumerable opportunities for any occasion!

5. Irises

Irises make an elegant, sophisticated choice for a birthday bouquet. They are aesthetically pleasing with their unique shape and vibrant colors and provide symbolism that can add extra meaning to the gesture. Also, they symbolize wisdom, hope, and faith, making them the perfect representation of your feelings for your loved one on their special day.

Blue and purple are usually the most popular options if you’d like to gift someone an Iris for a birthday gift. Blue irises represent royalty and confidence, offing a wonderful way to show respect or admiration for someone special. However, purple irises show royalty and wisdom – an ideal way to convey your reverence and admiration for this person’s knowledge.

And if you want something truly unique on their special day? Consider yellow irises! They impress with their vibrant hue and positive connotation associated with friendship.

6. Orchids

The orchid is another common flower to give as a gift or to grow at home. They are among the world’s most exquisite and well-known flowers in various hues, sizes, and forms. Also, they are infamous for being unusual and typically coming from tropical regions.

Even though around a third of orchid species originate in tropical areas, there is much more to them than first appears. Thus, search no further than an orchid for something exceptional with an ethereal atmosphere.

7. Carnation

The last on this list is the carnation flower. They are versatile and colorful blossoms, making them one of the most popular choices for floral arrangements and gardens. These stems come in three varieties: a large-flowered carnation, a spray carnation, and a dwarf-flowered version.

When planting these flowers, take special care to ensure they are in soil that drains well since too much moisture can easily ruin their delicate petals and cause them to rot. However, if you want to gift someone, any of these three varieties will do the magic!


Whichever sort of flower you choose to offer or grow, keep the flower’s message in mind. The mentioned flowers provide beauty to a place and have specific signs to make your present much more meaningful. So, choose the flower that best represents your message and enjoy watching it blossom!

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