What are the best and most popular ship models?

People are fond of sailing. Almost all of us have a dream to sail in the middle of a dark and dense sea at least once in a life. It is because sailing was the profession of the majority of our ancestors. Before planes, seas were impregnable. But our ancestors made this possible by designing boats and gigantic ships to travel across the globe.

That is why we all crave to feel deep oceans and pleasure while sailing on the ship. There are still a lot of people working on the corporate level in trade through seas. All, in a nutshell, most of us are fond of ships.

Why do people buy Model ships?

As discussed earlier, several people love ships and sailing. Our eyes cannot capture every detail at once, so handcrafters started designing model ships as decoration pieces to satisfy their craving.

In addition, ship models are used by companies associated with sailing and transport. They place model ships in their office and crafts themselves as a decoration pieces. So model ships are used not only in homes but also in offices.

Major Categories of Model Ships:

You must be thinking about getting categories of model ships, as most of them look identical. Model ships face two divisions. One is a significant category, and the other is minor. Insignificant divisions, we classify vessels depending on the material they are made from. The most popular and beautiful handcrafted ship models are discussed below:

Wooden Ship Models:

These are the most famous and best-selling model ships. These models are made entirely of wood. These types of models give an ancient feel to the environment. Our ancestors used wooden boats for an extended period. Up to the 19th century, people used wood to manufacture ships. These wooden ship models are further categorized into the following types:

  • Bread and Butter Model.
  • Plank on Bulkhead.
  • Plank on the frame.
  • Plastic Ship Models:

Those who have followed and read about World War II know the history of plastic ships. In World War II, plastic vessels were manufactured to survive the attacks by the opponent. Since then, plastic ship models became immensely popular. Following are some of the famous plastic model ships:

  • Pirate Model Ships.
  • World War II Ships.
  • Civilian Model Ships.
  • Cargo Model Ships.
  • Minor Categories of Model Ships:

Model Ships are further categorized according to minor division. In this classification, ships are classified depending on their shape, purpose, and dimensions. Following are the categories of most popular and best Model Ships:

  • Model Ships:

These are gigantic ship models. These may be of the wooden or plastic-type. Further in this category, the ship model may be of passenger or cargo type. Among all the ships of minor division, Model Ships are the most loved ones. It is because these ships need the most delicate detail while designing.

  • Model Boats:

These ship models are of small boats, which can also be seen in rivers and lakes. These boats carry 5 to 10 people and are of small size. People who have studied history love small boats as these were the ones used by our forefathers.

  • Model Yachts:

People who are fond of owning yachts but cannot afford them can buy these models to satisfy their desire. Wealthy people mostly own boats. So these models give elite feels to the buyer.

  • Model Cruises:

Cruise is considered the most luxurious ship for anyone to travel. You can feel more relaxed than in your bedroom. Cruise has all the facilities that anyone can need during his voyage. Further Cruise Models are the most beautiful and expensive models due to their most delicate nature.

  • Warships and Aircraft’s carriers:

Most people love Warships more than cruise and luxurious ships. So this category is for this class of people. Almost every country that shares a sea has its naval forces. So, either the people working in maritime forces or people associated with wars love these Ship Models in their living room.


So, Model Ships are categorized into two major divisions, major and minor. In major divisions, we have wooden and plastic ship models. While in the minor division, we see ship models, yacht models, cruise Models, and Warships. Wooden ship models are the most beautiful of all. While in terms of beauty, cruises are the most pleasing due to their massive size and gorgeousness.

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